Wisconsin Resource Center: “The days of personal bathroom use are over…” [3/21/18]

Letter from a prisoner at Wisconsin Resource Center sent on: 3/21/18:

“The process of the intake at WRC has changed. It was a 3 day isolation period to gauge conduct and mental health need. Now the process involves coming in and being placed on a G.P. unit in a dry cell with limited movement. It is nice that you get all your belongings, even though they throw out any opened food product, even if it is in a clear package. The shared bathroom, having to be restricted to time and to suffer through the raunch of fellow prisoners unhygienic practices is torture to someone used to living in a wet cell. Be prepared to share your private bathroom practices when coming to WRC. Unless you are violent or high risk, know that the days of personal bathroom use and space are over.” 

Conditions in the Wisconsin prison  system need to change.