Update on Act 355: DOC Money Seizures

From Randal Mataya, 2/10/19:

“For everyone that has an interest in the KERBY money suit, I will update you. The C.O.A. appointed counsel because they want to hear oral arguments, and will then allow re-briefing if desired by either party. I won this case based on Statutes and administrative law, and ex post facto. The case is clear cut and if appointed counsel sticks to my arguments, we win. That means all DOC will have to revert back to 25% deductions. Everyone needs to wait for a decision. Filing all these certiorari a may help you. Only you! If the COACH over-rules Judge Gaylord’s decision, all of you lose certiorari too. WAIT!!!!

Governor Evers has promised prison reform. Everyone must remind him of that promise. You could ask him to have his DOC Secretary repeal DAI Policy 309.45.02 and reinstate the 25% deductions. You can ask him to order DOC Secretary to immediately begin an overhaul of rules related to segregation time limits like RGCI now uses. A reworking of the DOC 303 Administrative code rules to put DUE PROCESS back into those rules!!!! I look forward to discussions with you. Thank you for your time. Randall K. Mataya #86167.”

Another letter received: 4/9/19

RE: 60% back to 25%

So I received information that the oppressors at DOC lost the Kirby appeal, so joyful to beat the DOC

Conditions in the Wisconsin prison system need to change.