Timeline of Updates from Wisconsin Prisons

This is an ongoing collection of critical and important updates that we receive from incarcerated people in Wisconsin. It will be updated as we receive new word from inside. It is sorted by prison and chronologically, showing the most recent update in each section.

Columbia Correctional Institution:

6/30/2019 JAMES WASHINGTON (301901) began a hunger strike against cruel and unusual punishment at this prison.

5/26/2019 Reports from inside of restricted movement, phone access and expanded censorship at this prison. 

Green Bay Correctional Institution:

6/16/19 Samuel Upthegrove (469578) filed a lawsuit against WDOC’s mental health care being grossly inadequate.

Oshkosh Correctional Institution:

6/26/2019 BRANDON HORAK (634603) Oshkosh told us of a retaliation attempt against him. He had been gathering hundreds of inmate complaints for him and others, the guards raided his cell, took the complaints, and threatened him with a ticket for “enterprising”, group resistance and petitioning. He held firm, did not receive contact reports and was returned the complaints with a warning to put a stop to the practice. He intends to continue to assist people in filing complaints.

New Lisbon Correctional Institution:

6/14-15/2019 The prison was under lockdown, suspending visits, limiting movement to medical, bathroom, and to get food and water.

Waupun Correctional Institution:

6/28/19 We got unconfirmed reports from inside of a canteen strike at Waupun, some incarcerated people not buying canteen because of the lack of choice and extreme price increases (35-65%) with Union Supply.

Conditions in the Wisconsin prison  system need to change.