” I was finally released from RHU….” (Columbia update)

Jordan Berg 528668 Columbia Correctional Institution. Public Submission: “6/20 I was finally released from RHU. I came to RHU for a small altercation that resulted in me getting a 330 DS starting October 21, 2019. The altercation I got into was with a Correctional Officer named Holsclaw at New Lisbon. In no way do I say this is okay, but this CO is known for her brash behavior to inmates. So because I plan on going to trial for my criminal charge. If anyone knows Holsclaw’s behavior I’m asking people to contact my atty at the following address with their true tales. Jennifer Cunha, State Public Defender, 107 Third St, Baraboo WI 53913 and mention it’s for Jordan Berg’s criminal case.

Moving on to my civil case. I was recently granted leave to proceed against 5 staff members @ NLCI for retaliation resulting from a conduct report for asking a CO where her ID was. Then when I sent the ticket on appeal the Lt. upped the CR from 5-7 days. I was constantly told I had no rights nor do I have a right to ask a CO to follow rules. Whats the chain of command for? 

A statement by a judge fits this situation from State ex el Anderson v. Gamble 254 Wis 2d 86s.866 “Having ruled as we have, however, we must express our frustration with the way some employees of the Department continue to ignore the Departments own rules. And, although it would be presumptuous of us to speak for the SUpreme Court, our reading of Anderson-El indicates to us that the Supreme COurt is similarly frustrated. Certainly, as is shown in the instant case, many of the failures are harmless. Still, that does not excuse those employees. The laxity evident in some of the Department’s employees causes an understaffed land underfunded attorney general’s office to spend countless hours defending those employes’ actions and wastes precious judicial resources that could be put to better use. Taxpayer dollars are needlessly expended as a result. The Department may respond that human error is unavoidable. We do not buy it. The Department made the rules it did so that its employees could act pursuant to them and the inmates could count on those rules being followed. Maybe it is time for the Department to explain to its employees that continued inattention to unambiguous and clear-cut rules will not be tolerated as simply “human-error.” Certainly, in the private sector, inattention to detail is not acceptable. There is no reason why it should be acceptable in the public sector.” Explains itself don’t it. 

I do appreciate the latest meeting notes. I do have a couple open record requests: 1) Charles Brown-Canteen Contract Administrator regarding the New Union Supply Canteen Contract 2) CCI Warden Novak’s “New Operating Procedures” regarding RHu and seg time being limited 3) 464-Physical Fitness Test Co Series DOC 1098 C 4) 363 offender rate increase Recommendation–DOC 627″