Phone Zap: Fight Retaliation and Neglect at Waupun Correctional

Update 6/5/20: an earlier version of this phone zap included demand to restore phone access, after guards put in restrictions after prisoners chanted “Black Lives Matter!” Family members attributed the change to pressure from the phone zap. Thanks for everyone who called and made this happen, script has been updated to reflect the retaliation and neglect still underway.

Take a minute to call and express concern over the medical neglect at Waupun Correctional Institution.
Call 920-324-5571 Ask for the security director or captain Olsen.
“I’m a concerned citizen calling in regards about incarcerated people at Waupun. The group I’m part of has heard that there are more incarcerated people with with coronavirus that’s not being reported. Can you speak to that? Also, why are your guards not following the policies and wearing masks or doing social distancing? Why are guards retaliating against people by shutting off the fans at WCI in retaliation for people chanting Black Lives Matter?”

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Conditions in the Wisconsin prison system need to change.

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