Open Records #69: Tristan Cook emails

You can see the full open record request we’ve obtain from DOC Communications Head Tristan Cook here:


Here is a summary of this record written by an IWOC volunteer:

  • USA Today Network Wisconsin (Keegan Kyle) submitted open records request for monthly jail population reports
  • IB Madison (Joe VandenPlas) open records request on population data and opened discussion about using recently released people “as a source of future workers to address the labor shortage” in Wisconsin, as well. Tristan Cooke sent back information and gave a suggestion that they write about the new job center at OakHill.Inclu
  • Included this 2016 information on prison populations and budgets:
    • Wisconsin’s prison population: 23,377 
    • Wisconsin’s jail population: 12,150 
    • Wisconsin’s parole population: 20,401 
    • Wisconsin’s probation population: 44,489 
    • Wisconsin’s cost per inmate: $37,994 
    • Prison budget: $834,000,000 
  • Internal email about a recently deceased former employee: Michael P. Flynn, Department of Corrections in Sturtevant, Corrections Officer
  • Journey Sentinel (Patrick Marley) open records request re: all incident reports covering Nov. 2 to Nov. 4 at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake
  • Long discussion about getting media interviews for families taking part in the following program:
    • The Wisconsin Department of Corrections partnered with Hometown Heroes to host a weeklong summer camp for children of women incarcerated at Taycheedah Correctional Institution. The camp incorporates a trauma-informed approach, enabling children to build resilience and spend time with other children who have incarcerated mothers.   
  • Journal Sentinel asking questions about David Wencl who left employment at the DOC after he had criminal charges filed against him. Unfortunately, we can’t see the attached response sent back to the reporter about this.