Oakhill Correctional: “There is the inconsistency within the system…”

Excerpt from a letter sent 2/20/19 by someone incarcerated at Oakhill Correctional: 2/20/19  ” I am housed at Oakhill corr. Inst. and the major problems with this place is overcrowding and that makes this place into a warehouse, making it difficult for guys to move through the system. With the shortage of staff and the likes that stresses the staff to the point of exhaustion which in turn makes life stressful for the inmates. As you know  the saying, “shit rolls down hill”.      And for the guys that under the old law who awaits parole this is a very scary place because at any time someone can screw up your chances for making parole. And now even a conduct  report like, “texting on a cell phone”, can get one moved back, I mean those that have made work release. I don’t mean that there should not be consequences but they should be appropriate. The system want the inmate to be perfect when perfection is not found anywhere in this life. Most of the rule violations have nothing to do with violations of the law and does not indicate whether one would commit a new crime; as is the consideration of the parole board.    Then there is the inconsistency within the system. In some places one rule violation is a major infraction, when at some over place the same violation is a minor. “