Now What?

From writing MR. TOUISSANT L. HARLEY #241861
a.k.a. `ABD AL~MALIK SHABAZZ , sent from from WSPF, sent to IWOC 9/21/20:


When we carefully examine the origins of the continued, & in many situations, law enforcement & judicially sanctioned atrocities inflicted upon African~Amerkkkans, in their countless forms, one need not be a genius to grasp that such is the result of a passed down & carefully cultivated mentality of white supremacy, which includes the core belief that African~Amerikkka’s are inhumane & should be treated as such! What’s unfortunate is the fact that we tend to limit our scope & thorough study of authentic & inauthentic history, which disallows us the opportunity to fully understand & appreciate present moment experiences “&” how they came to be!

African~Amerikkkans have been deemed to be the scourge of this Earth for no other reason than the evil nature of white supremacy & our beautiful varying hues! White supremacy has been perpetrated both unconsciously & consciously so, by “some” unsuspecting whites, who remain the beneficiaries of the worst form of slavery known to humankind, as do those token Blacks who’ve surmised it to be not only futile to oppose white supremacy at its root, but far more beneficial for them to align with it! That unconsciousness, & an unwillingness to delve into the history of what’s being witnessed, is what fuels certain segments of white society automatically concluding an officer to be justified in the murder of an unarmed African~Amerikkkan! Being that their experiences & interactions with law enforcement in no way mirrors ours, when there’s an altercation, the police, in their eye’s, are always right & we must have done “something” that warrants whatever actions, even when deadly, taken by officers! Even in the savage beating of Rodney King, the overwhelming majority of whites said Mr. King had to have provoked the officer’s use of force. When asked what could he have possibly done? There was silence!

Our negative narrative was/is not a happenstance occurrence by no means! It was carefully constructed & actuated centuries ago by, but not limited to, those whom many white people {& some people in general} view as being some of the greatest Amerikkkans & FOUNDING TERRORISTS . . . Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Franklin & countless others whom were child rapists & killers, who tortured & murdered untold numbers of slaves & non slaves, who, as a result of violent, animalistic rapes, fathered countless children with the very same women & little girls they deemed to be inhumane, who brutally dismembered via castration, the greatest physical male specimens they’ve ever seen, cutting unborn babies from mothers womb’s, using horses to violently rip limbs from bodies, who whipped/had whipped, worse than animals, “humans beings”, leaving physical, mental, emotional scars with depths that have residually lasted to & manifest in present moment. These same TERRORISTS designated my ancestors to be property, chattel & then “partially” human! Their unconscionable crimes, today’s African~Amerikkkan society is told to overlook, forgive, understand that’s how it was then, those were necessary evils. Yet, when an officer murders an unarmed African~Amerikkkan in cold blood, one of the first things that’s done “to” the victim is their “past” arrest history {if they had a record} is revealed, as if to subliminally suggest they were a threat & being murdered was the only way to eliminate that “threat”!

Despite their & their descendants disdain for my ancestors & their descendants, these sinister minded people allowed my ancestor’s wholesome breast milk to nurture & strengthened their white babies; my ancestors extraordinary cooking filled their bellies; my ancestors tended their fields & animals & nursed their sick & wounded, they built their, prisons, stores, courthouses, hospitals, colleges, landmarks & the greatest plantation of all . . . THE WHITE HOUSE, while their blood, sweat, tears & bones fertilized acres upon acres of this Country’s soil! This too, they say, was only out of necessity! YET . . . YET . . . YET . . . you have African & Latin~Amerikkkans whom have rationalized celebrating one of those terrorists, HAMILTON! Likewise, you have those who’ve foolishly rationalized that “we own” the word nigga/nigger. I assure you, those who claim that word to be a term of endearment for us, not one of them have a child who they’ve named such!

At every turn, & far too often, there has to be a discussion, a conversation, a dialog of some sort about the wrongs STILL being inflicted upon us with very little actions being taken that demonstrate ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We surely don’t need another study or more statistics to show that every institution in this Country has white supremacy as its foundation, with whites benefitting to African~Amerikkkan’s generational detriment! Law enforcement, the military, the judicial system, employment, education, healthcare, politics & religion, in this Country, were all erected on the foundation of white supremacy & used to oppress, control, experiment on, cripple, destroy, warehouse, incarcerate & murder African~ Amerikkkans. From Jim Crow, to the new Jim Crow, perpetuators like Bill Clinton, whom some ignorant Blacks have called the first Black president because he smoked weed, plays the sax & committed adultery, tried to pass a bill that would force African~Amerikkkan women to be sterilized if they tested positive for drugs during their pregnancy! His wife called young teenage African~Amerikkkan males “super predators”, while they both were key players in the deliberate mass warehousing/incarceration of African~Amerikkkans during the 80’s & 90’s crack boom! For her role, all she had to offer was a hollowed apology criminal justice reform & a conversation about reparations, of course so she could acquire the African~Amerikkkan vote!

As long as we demonstrate a Martin Luther King Jr. frame of mind, which is not a negative, we’re “tolerated” & pacified, while we’re STILL being treated inhumanely! But when we speak like one of the best orators, Malcolm X. {El~Hajj Malik Ash~Shabazz}, “we’re” called racists & deemed a threat! When we move like Nelson Mandela, BEFORE his 27 year unjust imprisonment or Nat Turner after his self proclaimed revelation from GOD, we’re deemed to be terrorists & threat! As long as we TALK about what’s STILL being done to us, the atrocities will continue on every level! For as much as things have changed, in REALity, they’ve really remained the same, & in some instances, have become even more extreme! How many more televised cold blooded murders will it take for us, collectively, to insure that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

This animal had his knee on the brother George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes, while he was face down, cuffed behind his back, with two other officers holding him down. He demonstrated not a single atoms worth of compassion or humanity for this brother as cried out for he beloved departed mother! White supremacists are proud of him & see no problem with what he did! As his precious daughter said, “My daddy changed the world!” In one respect, she’s absolutely correct!

With all that has taken place, the question must be asked . . . NOW WHAT?”