How to Cope With Confinement from Someone in Confinement

The world is at war with the unseen. many so called “experts” will come out and “advice” you on how to cope with the self-locked down while he or she’s in quarantined and speculating on how to cope. I have the experience, almost 10 years and i know how to use it to empower myself and i want to share it with you. I’m not a health expert but keeping good personal hygiene will keep you and your loves ones healthier. My recommendations are as follow:

1) create a routine for yourself or the number of family members in your family. Structure is key to keeping your sanity! example:, make a schedule on a spread sheet, peace of paper or something to remind you of your scheduled event for the hour, day, or week(studying, exercises, chores, etc…) have someone else make your daily routine

2) don’t make it too rigid. life and stuff happens and won’t follow your plan. so learn to go with flow.

3) this is a time for you to challenge yourself with a hobby, learning a new skill, helping your kids be more mentally active. you have internet to keep you informed and entertained. use it to be as a teacher: that business idea you have, is time to put it into paper, help your kid tap their potential, invent a new life guide for yourself, reevaluate everything about your life, possibilities are endless.

4) read…read…and read some more! spend time reading a book. any book! is not like watching a movie. you will have to think and read. this helps people in confine places to escape our reality for a couple of hours! you have the E-reader so it can maybe read for you.

5) have time to eat. make things you’re not used to making. get recipes that call your pallet to try.

6)take inventory of your possessions. what can you do with and without. what’s useless in your life and what is essential. then rethink about what you got and cut some more.

7)watch some scheduled shows on TV. not everything is worth watching. I recommend: informational, educational, diy, historical. you might have the option to chose any show,so keep yourself challenged.

8)don’t sleep all day. you don’t need that much sleep. 7-8 hours is good. if you exercise. take a 30-60 min nap. the early bird, gets the early worm. is true. be the bird.

9) maintaining your personal hygiene is healthy and psychologically beneficial. even a simple haircut, shave, or soothing shower can be very empowering.

10) your attitude and outlook is a sling shot for success. bad moments will occur and so will the good. don’t get too much into you emotions because of the events around you. bad emotions will only cloud your judgement and/or choices.

11) fear and anxiety of the unknown will not help you with this new psychological and health phenomena everyone is experiencing. wash your hands and wash your hands, your life depends on it. don’t get more information that will panic you more.

12) feeling alone? welcome to the club. you’re not, you still freedom and you have the comfort of your love ones and neighbors. being alone is a good way to discover yourself.

13) got bad habits? perfect time to change them. ask people to offer their honest advice about how they feel about you and how you are as a person. tell them to provide constructive criticism and turn that into gold.

14) stay in contact (through non-contact means) with family. is not the same but your release day will come.

15)relax. enjoy your free time. stay calm. don’t over eat do to stress, so your body can take some time to recoup. do the same mentally and spiritually.

16)if you do have to leave your house use latex gloves so you don’t get into cross contamination zones. your hands are 100% in use from the private to the public things you grab/touch.

17)want to travel the world? go on a virtual trip in your computer. is passport-free.

18)confinement breaks the mind. stay mentally strong and know that this will pass. you have a multitude of social avenues to have contact one way or another.

19)your quarantine is temporary. don’t make it into something that is not. stay safe!

-José Diaz #541415
Jackson corr. Inst.