Statements from Incarcerated People in Wisconsin on the George Floyd Uprising

  1. From letter by incarcerated worker at Waupun Correctional, sent to Milwaukee IWOC 5/31/20: “Today at approximately 2:45pm some officer in the front office hit the switch that cut off all the phones in the entire institution for no reason. Then the sergeant came over the intercom and announced, “phone pick up.”

The officers collected the phones, not the inmate workers.

There is no reason they needed to collect the phones, nor have they ever did this before.

I believe this was done to upset us because they are upset about the white officer was charged with murdering George Floyd in Minneapolis. As they know we as predominant African Americans in this prison are happy to see him charged. So they are trying to steal our joy and cause us anger.”

2. From letter by incarcerated worker at Stanley Correctional, received by Milwaukee IWOC on 6/6/20:

“For those who have come before us,
For those who have laid down their lives that ours may rise,
For the fighters and Freedom Riders,
For the Dreaming Kings,
For the Latifah Queens,
For those who had and have visions of bigger and better things,
For the Malcolms who stand,
For the Kapernicks who kneel,
Not to yield,
But to represent that this struggle is real,
For now, in this moment leading to the next…
And ask ourselves, how will we choose to live and show respect, for those “gone too soon”, taken by guns, ropes, and knees on they neck?
R. I. P.
…Trayvon Martin, Yvette Smith, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Laquan McDonald, Tanisha Anderson, Akai Gurley, Tamir Rice, Jerami Reid, Natasha McKenna, Eric Harris, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, William Chapman, Sandra Bland, Darrius Stewart, Samuel Dubose, Janet Wilson, Calin Roquemore, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Joseph Mann, Terence Crutcher, Chad Robertson, Jordan Edwards, Aaron Bailey, Stephon Clark, Danny Ray Thomas, Antwon Rose, Tony Robinson, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Michael Dean, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd…”

3. From letter by Prince Rashada at Fox Lake Correctional: sent 6/6/20: (gave permission to post his name)

“The Spirit of a Man: George Floyd

Multicultural Insurrection is taking place in over 140 cities, moving out in an attempt to be heard through their demonstration of defiance and unity in protest about the senseless killing of yet another unarmed black man by a police officer under the color of law. It took 8 minutes and 46 seconds to ignite a subcultural revolution in this country and worldwide, where it has been a collective reaction to continued disease of police brutality, systematic racism and injustice.

President Trump hiding out in safety and peeking through windows at the burning cars, tear gas and angry protesters outside the White House fills the airwaves, while 44 states under curfew and the National Guard being activated in 21 states is the recent norm. There have been over a 1000 arrests made which will increase daily, because there is now a growing movement that can’t be controlled by compromise, threats or force. This will only evolve into total anarchism and Marshall Law, in which military power will be utilized to neutralize the so-called threat.

Violent clashes with law enforcement will continue to spark unrest, because there is no accountability of those who swore an oath to serve and protect. But how is this possible when you have killer cops who are given immunities and licenses to kill people that are often considered targets by the collective mind-set of racists? Those who advocate the illustrations of peaceful protests are usually the desires of the oppressive elements that seeks to control the spirit of the movement, for America got their freedom and independence through violence and war and not through marching and begging for a justice that is a natural right for every citizen.

See, revolution is born in the hearts of the young people, who desire change in the group consciousness when it comes to the genocide of black and brown life. This unrest is the explosive nature of a fed up America who refuses to do away with racism and its agent provocateurs hidden behind some badges, blue suits and white faces. Americans aren’t outsiders but citizens, which is an attempt to blame specific groups for the riots. Also, massive looting is an example of the assault on the privileged economic base, a by-products of the spoils of war. So this is expected.

Nevertheless, it’s going to take more than police kneeling down with protesters to show solidarity to end this unrest, for peace comes only after justice has been served and not before! Its a good start that all police officers were charged, for it considered deliberate indifference when others refuses to intervene with an injustice. They are all guilty of conspiracy, and all played a part in the murder of George Floyd.

May God Rest His Eternal Soul…”

4. Sent 6/3/20 from:



I pray that you & yours are all safe from the unseen virus, along with the “virus” out there destroying things simply because, but more importantly, from the virus that has been an pandemic for African~Americans since our forced entry onto the looted & gangstered shores of the “land of the free”!

In one regard, it has been utterly disgusting to watch certain people, in certain positions, get on TV & make statements with the objective of pacifying my people & with their political futures in mind! I by no means want to see the looting & senseless acts occurring, for it takes away from the continued demonic actions that have been inflicted on us for millennium, WITHOUT justice! However, there’s going to have to be a point whereby those who possess the means to make IMMEDIATE change, will have to put up or get out!

The attorney general of Minnesota, who has taken over the case of Mr. Floyd, has not mandated the arrest of the other killers involved, neither has he amended the criminal complaint, i.e. upgraded the insulting 3rd° murder charge to 1st°. So there’s still this protect the police mentality going on, right in front of our faces. Now that very well could change, but even that, taking their time to investigate, is a disgrace. I assure you, there are countless Black men, women & juveniles in Minnesota’s prisons that are were IMMEDIATELY arrested, charged & are doing time based on the word of someone.

Then Governor Evers had the audacity to get on TV & talk about how the legislature needs to do something to dismantle the long standing racist establishment that was established by whites against African~ Americans. Yet this conspicuous hypocrite has first, refused to acknowledge the truth about Wisconsin, that being it has established itself as one of the top racist States in the Country, with Milwaukee being the most racially segregated City in the Country, it has a judicial system that has continued to demonstrate its hatred for African~Americans commencing with who becomes a suspect, district attorneys issuing racially unfair charges, astronomical bails, lawyers being inept, judges handing down unfair sentences, inhumane treatment in prison, lack of sooo much in prison, denial of fairness in the courts with our appeals, to the unjust denial of parole, unjust parole revocations & MUCH more.

Evers has the power to release whom he wishes from these warehouses, IMMEDIATELY, & ran a campaign on reducing the prison population by half, BUT has come up with asinine lies as to why he has not, cannot release people, one lie is the Republicans have been blocking this/that effort. He is therefore, no different than the killer who made sure Mr. Floyd’s body would be lifeless once he lifted his knee from his neck!!!! Evers knee is his refusal to mandate the parole members IMMEDIATELY parole those who’ve been unjustly denied parole; his knee is refusing to reestablish the pardon/clemency board for warehoused prisoners & use that platform to commence releasing those who’ve been warehoused for twenty or more years; his knee is the lack of programs that will be pathways to release as they once were years ago!

It is typical of a white male to attempt to tell people they absolutely cannot relate to, that they know what’s best for us. They try to tell women what’s good for their body’s regarding abortions & other females issues & then with us & how we should respond to their death tactics, while they do nothing to curtail it, first by teaching their own children, along with immediately doing what’s within their means to exact change!

They want certain people to react nonviolently to their diabolical acts of violence. They want to have a conversation about why certain people should respond nonviolently to their unjustified acts of violence. They want certain people they unjustly view as a threat, to not view them as a threat! They want certain people to be patient with them, while they lack patience with certain people.

Evers is no different from those white males of old who deemed the inhumane treatment of certain as a necessary evil! “

5. From WSPF, received 6/7/20:

“I’M BLACK . . .
My skin color is not a curse despite how racists use the scenario with Noah’s son in the Biblical verse

I’M BLACK . . .
Because of my skin color I shouldn’t be categorized as the Earth’s worse

I’M BLACK . . .
I AM A HUMAN BEING no different than those whom are white

I’M BLACK . . .
To be acknowledged as a human being my ancestors had to sacrifice their lives & fight

I’M BLACK . . .
That doesn’t mean I’m automatically a threat to a white man, woman nor child

I’M BLACK . . .
This doesn’t mean my nature is that of an animal in the wild

I’M BLACK . . .
Which makes me a target of police bullets, batons, pepper spray, dogs & cuffs

I’M BLACK . . .
Will George Floyd’s cold blooded murder symbolize our longstanding oppression being enough

I’M BLACK . . .
Because I’m Black I challenge you to thoroughly STUDY OUR HISTORY

I’M BLACK . . .
After studying it you’ll see why we haven’t been able to & still CAN’T BREATHE

I’M BLACK . . .
Because I’m Black what’s wrong with that I must ask

I’M BLACK . . .
After being a striving Muslim the greatest thing about me is . . .I’M BLACK”

6. Marshal Jones, received 6/9/20:

“Stolen Breath

Stolen breath led to another death…..
Death to peace led to our city streets erupting from anger towards police.
How many people have to die in agony
before you reconstruct the mentalities that seem to target minorities?
Policy won’t do it….
Policy…the never ending flurry of black and white
that never ended the fury between Black and White.
2020 and the lack of social responsibility, moral decency, or even
camaraderie among human beings has hindered the fight.
The fight?
The fight for the right to stand silent, sleep soundly,
or keep the knee off of our necks when we’re trying to breathe.
Life and liberty stolen, the freedom to live another day
noticeably absent among our people.
Vilify us when we take a knee to protest nonviolently,
but when you drop to yours, we can’t seem to breathe…..
Our cities are on fire, an outbreak of riots and looting,
the shooting of tear gas to calm the confusion,
a five-year old comes to view.
Our children….
What about the children who later end up beneficiaries to police brutality,
or the 12 year old gunned down in Cleveland?
What about Philando Castille?
Get Jimmy Kimmel to cry about him instead of a lion named Cecil!
Who cries for our people?
I cry for the lack of credence given when we speak respectably;
we’re perceived as angry, it’s strange how we can be dangerous
while handcuffed on the concrete.
Nine minutes…. A small increment of time but a lifetime to someone dying,
fighting for breath until he expired.
Look at the fire in the eyes of protestors and you’ll see that we are tired,
that ALL lives are banding around Black Lives Matters,
that a Black life hasn’t mattered for quite some time.
During the midst of a sweeping pandemic we demand answers
to the burning questions setting ablaze our city streets,
how many have to die before we will be seen as equals?
How many bodies will reach the cemetery
while you criminalize us and absolve police?
How many Tamirs, Mikes, Erics, Tonys, Dontres and Breyonnas will add to the fallen
before you wake up and see what your hatred is doing?
No justice, no peace so peace will never be,
cause justice will grow wings and evade accountability.
George Floyd was added to the victims of modern day lynchings,
while Trump has ordered more shootings, the not so silent majority speaks.
One man can change the world, but why does one have to die
in order for the world to change?
Ask George Floyd…..
Wait, you can’t……. He no longer breathes.”

6/8/20You see what’s taken place in Amerika and all over the world. I heard TuPac say it first “1831” Nat Tuner, Enough is Enough! So much money has been invested in the kidnapping of black men since we could remember. There’s so many other use for the tax payer’s money other than continually to incarcerate black men and women all over. I kneel with many other Amerikans, around the World symbolizing that “We Too” protest for equality, trying to put an end to this systemic, racist way of thinking. Standing against Police brutality, Black Mass Incarceration, and Hate crimes of genders who are different. I encourage those to keep up the good fight and not give up until We are viewed equal amongst each other. I’m glad that America gets it, and all the people of all races are united because divided We fall. I’ve been incarcerated for over 15 years, missing out on my children and grandchildren growing up. I will be forty on the thirteenth of June, my father is eighty and I have not seen him since my incarceration and if something not done about it I’ll never see him alive or ever again. Prison don’t even allow us to pay our last respect before God takes a love one home. I never got to say goodbye to my mom or my brother before they were called home and if  Mr. Slave Master don’t release me soon history awaits to repeat itself again.
People please don’t lose focus, and remember if it wasn’t for these old politics I wouldn’t be writing you from the pits of hell. I was offered 7 years the very first time, but I said no because I was innocent. Then they drop the case when I didn’t take the plea, next a couple of months would go by, then they will reopen my case with no new factors then they had before. They offered me twenty-five the next plea fifteen in ten out. I really said Hell No! I exercised my rights to a fair trial and didn’t get one because the prosecution decided to discriminate, being the racist he is, strike all the black people off, violating their rights to participate as a members of the juror along with mine. The courts end up giving the prosecution a second bite at the apple, to subject me to the same egregious act,by giving me a new trial. I had a right to that first trial not to be put in double jeopardy twice. I went to trial again because I’m innocent but was reconvicted. Not only was I not sentenced to the seven or the twenty five in which I would be done with that sentenced but I received a de facto LIFE SENTENCED of over seventy years. I’ll either die from COVID or my illnesses even though I’m innocent. I will be another Strickland vs Washington and there will be no amount of an apology or money, America could give to my kids and family for killing me. Please don’t forget us why we’re united and standing against injustice. Love King DoC#/We Too Matters!

By. Precious Ward

    How can humility help in a unharmonious situation like the one in which we face today? A lot of people have been thrown into the protests taking
place all across the world, because they too finally feel like enough is
ENOUGH! Some people have very different ideas of how to go about
it. While they respect one another’s opinions, their approaches were so different that at times conflict seemed imminent. I think it’s very possible
to remain united in a purpose like “black lives matters” even when you
disagree with someone on an undisputable matter such as race in America. It is my prayer that God , helps us to continue to work together
with one another in unity, and help us to discern when it’s best to serve
    These are unprecedented times and a  positive point about protesting the murder of George Floyd and other instances of systemic racism in this country is the diversity. Despite the trying times that we as a nation are up against, I still think the best parade of people and colors and their voices is just about the best thing in America right now. The protests
across the country are evidence today with the blended views, ethnicities,
religions and hopes for racism being eradicated by a global community.
The beauty of the diversity that we have been given a front row seat to
is part the breathtaking appeal of HUMANITY in the greatest country on earth , America.
     As with any country inhabited by different races, however, America
is not at all without its fair share of problems. In the wise words of the
late Sam Cooke “A change is gonna come”. Of course that change is
inevitably bring some challenges along with push back. As we know
cultures sometimes clash. And that is one of the reasons that no country
built by the blood, sweat, and tears of mere mortals could compare to
the beautiful peaceful home that God could build for the human race
to reside in. I truly believe that there is value as well as a strong unity
in diversity. There’s an old African proverb that goes ” If you’d like to
go fast then go along, but if you’d like to go far then go together. ” We
may do things differently, but we should remain united in a purpose.
    I have witnessed like so many others the power of George Floyd’s
death transform countless hearts. In my opinion his death has paradoxically brought about life. My hope blossoms with there not
being another black life lost at the hands of another rogue cop, my hope
blossoms with there being some much needed reparations made to black
people in the way of equal opportunities across the board, my hope blossoms in prison reform; whereby black and brown people aren’t being
sentenced five times the rate of their white counterparts here in Wisconsin and twice the national average, with blacks being incarcerated 11.5 times more often than whites, giving good ol’ Wisconsin the second
highest rate of black-white incarceration disparity in the entire country,
my hope blossoms for the potential for change, my hope blossoms for
decarceration as well as an end to mass incarceration.

Okay to publish and or share
Precious War #280069
RGCI/PO Box #925
Redgranite, WI 54970

Am I dead and just didn’t accept it yet
Did I die by the hands of a white man
Like Trevon Martin, Tamir Rice, Dontre Hamilton,
Michael Brown, Tony Robinson,
Laquan McDonald and so many other young
Black Man
It’s this our generation of lynching
I just don’t understand
I am a father, student, a son, and working
I never imagine this
But who can
Screaming out names asking why me
How this enter into my plans
Was it because of my past
Or who I will become in the future
That made me a target and decide my life had
To end
Am I dead
What happen to my goals
Giving a little sister away
Watching my son graduate
Buy mother a house and
Meeting my real father one day
Now look what got in the way
Can’t remember much
Just woke up naked in a cold cell like
What the fuck
Am I dead?
What happened to my family and friends
Is they putting together money for my lawyer
Or my funeral plans
My woman crying, her friends comforting her
Saying girl you have to move on
This all I can hear on the other side of the
Am I dead?
That’s still a mystery to me
But the sad faces and head downs, Em signs
Don’t look good to me
And why now every time they say my name it
In past tense
Like remember his smile, how he use to walk
And talk like this
Am I dead?
Wait I just heard a voice
Fuck guys we miss

Jackson Correctional Institution
Secretary Carr on June 10 released a memo condemning the murder of George Floyd. In it he stated that he supported peaceful protests but that destruction of property would not be tolerated. Nevertheless, when one of our comrades of color printed “I can’t breathe” and a drawing of Floyd’s face on his face mask (now mandatory), the all-white staff at JCI made him take it off and confiscated it. This is about as peaceful and passive as free speech can be, yet they are illegally suppressing it.  Either the Secretary’s memo was complete BS meant to fool the media, or JCI staff have mutinied against him.


God has a purpose for all men, but for your purpose it was to unite all men
Entirely including all women to understand what it means to walk as
One and set aside all differences to overcome racial profiling, diversity or
Regardless what nationality you inherit from! Many won’t understand why
George or many other black lives had to die for others to come together
Evenly as a whole because of their skin tone, but you all did it.

Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, are
Links to this outside pain we all are feeling throughout the Nation within
Our hearts, but their lives were given to establish recognition of injustice
Youthful awareness, reform, purity, love, peace, clarity, civilization, better
Demand of policing the police Especially in times like this!

Rest is obsolete within our sight when times are unjust for BLACK men!
Illegal violations of our rights are at an all time high when white police feel
Permitted to end our lives just for being BLACK! Intimidation of black men

Will never cease if our skin tone scares a white man to shoot first and ask
Irregular questions later just for being BLACK! Why are you scared? Why
Turn to pulling your gun instead of extending your hand or pen before
Hearing us out as BLACK men first?

George didn’t deserve to have a knee on his neck for 8:46 seconds by
Officer Chauvin just because he was BLACK, instead of getting to know
Domesticated BIG FLOYD, he chose to end his existence just for being

BLACK and because his skin tone intimidated him!
Reality of BLACK lives shouldn’t have to be living in fear each time an
Officer stops him or her at a light or sidewalk, instead they should be
Treated with DIGNITY and RESPECT! We’re no threat, unless being black
Humiliates you as an white man? If your choice of shooting us disturbs
Emotions within you, then AIR shouldn’t be within your body while we
Reside on earth!



                                            LOST BEAUTIFUL SOULS

Blessings are meant for those who deserve good things in life as well as a
Right to live their lives to the fullest and not worry about being harmed,
Especially in the safety of their own home, bullets were never suppose to
Obstruct the life of Breonna Taylor the night the police violated her rights
Never checking to see if she was the perpetrator or queen of her palace!
Night fell and tragedy hit her domain causing her and her fiancé lives to
Awfully change in more ways than one!

Twenty something shots penetrated her home causing her to die from an
Ambush of evil policemen who was out to kill regardless who was in their
Yield, which in this case was another beautiful life of a BLACK soul! Why
Leave her there to suffer and die in vain, when they were the ones who
Over killed her? Had she been white, their blue uniforms would have been
RED from her own BLOOD!

Facts, not lies, BLACK lives don’t matter when it come to police the real
Reapers of all these dying souls of color! Modern day Lynch men built on
Evil and destruction of BLACK lives without a NOOSE or TREE as their
Deadly weapon! Bullets, choke holds, knees, suffocation, are extreme
Deprivations amongst their arsenal, when HANDS held high are signals
Inverted to destroy the lives of those in their path of destruction when it
Ever only meant, I SURRENDER!

Graves of so many BLACK lives are created by those who enslaved, killed,
Robbed, and captured our ancestors over many decades and centuries
And still we as BLACK people face enslavement physically, mentally, and
Yearly as the white man abolish our lives!

Eric only wanted to sell loose cigarettes to make a lil money, why was it
Right for them to harass him as if he was committing a harsh crime?
I can’t breathe was heard 17 times from the struggling mouth of this man
Cause a white man thought he was doing his job by taking his life!

Garner may be gone, but his voice is still heard even through his death as
All BLACK people, including WHITE men and women rise up and argue to
Republicans to stand up for BLACK lives since they are the successors to
Negate legislation into LAW! I can’t breathe should be enacted as law to
Expose corrupt officers who feel that they are above all and punish them
Rightfully if they violate another BLACK life!

Toys are a death sentence for a child playing alone in a park if a white cop
Annihilates him before finding out if it’s a real GUN or TOY! What harm did
Make believe shooting create for Tamir to lose his life in an instant? None
Insubordination was all that officer had upon his arrival instead of seeking
Restraint, command, or even saying FREEZE first!

Rebirth of Emmett Till’s death was felt again when the Nation saw how
Innocent and precious Tamir was from a photo of his youth after he died
Cold and brutally at the hands of this officer! A child shouldn’t have to die
Early when its not his or her time to go by the hands of someone else!

Speeding paved the way for Sandra to get pulled over, but not Death!
Alcohol, tobacco, and crack kills everyday, but committing suicide doesn’t
Nullify a cover up by a crooked police department willing to degrade the
Destiny and life of another beautiful BLACK soul! One cannot believe that
Releasing documents stating that Sandra was under duress caused her
All this pain and suffering to end it all and be taken away from her

Beautiful life and family!
License to drive is privileged by law, but killing an innocent woman is not
Accurate in the eyes of all humanity! BLACK is just an image of life, but
Not meant to be mistaken as a threat to society or all mankind who can’t
Denounce racism and except what we’re here for, and that’s to LIVE!


                                                      I CAN’T BREATHE

Is it a crime to be BLACK?

Cops seem to think that the tone of our skin is a reason to end our lives
And walk freely while the Nation mourns and protest the souls killed! It’s
Necessary to inform the public of this unjustly crime committed by those

Thrived to kill, and to destroy the lives of so many families because being

Bold and stand up is another form of liberation from injustice while we
Reach a conclusion with our demonstrative actions amongst our Nation,
Environment, and communities as we STAND UP against EVIL and HATE
Anytime our lives are taken away from us without an purpose other than
The reflexion of BLACK skin as our DEATH sentence! As long as crimes is
Happening against BLACK lives, the Nation won’t BREATHE like thoses
Enchanted cries of BLACK lives destroyed by Crooked cops!


                                               HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT

Hundreds of voices are heard around the Nation for the voices silenced
Abruptly by police who murdered so many BLACK lives and nothing has
Nullified the situation since the first bullet ended the first soul lost! How
Does MURDER transpires in front of the WORLD and no JUSTICE is ever
Served for the families or communities they live in?

Until reform is enacted, UNREST will mask the Nation from WE THE
PEOPLE who built this Nation for what it is and DEMAND change with BIG

Demonstrations, strength, power, political outcry until we are HEARD! The
OPPRESSOR can no longer OPPRESS us as a whole while we UNITE as a
Natural force against those who stand in our way of this high demand, we

The people will not, or shall not stand SILENT no more while you do evil

Systematically against our people criminally, socially, economically or
However else you’ve oppressed us hundreds of years ago! It’s time for us
OPPRESSED to make you put your HANDS UP while we SHOOT you down
Objectively with our WORDS, DEMANDS, CRIES, and JUSTICE the most all


                                                NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE
Nations will RISE up against inhumanity from police brutality of BLACKS,
Only to be demonstrated by humans of all COLORS, white, black, brown,

Jews, Muslims, Christians, any RACE that feels that this INJUSTICE has
Undermined the rights of those lost to HATE! How can we as a Nation
Speak JUSTICE FOR ALL, when LIBERTY for which we STAND for don’t
Transpires for the ones gunned down by the PROTECTORS of law? Our
Inequities are meek in the eyes of our founders for they turn their heads
Concisely to MURDER of BLACK men and women, but feel some type of
Emotional way when TWITTER says IMPEACH POTUS!

No FAKE news here, but TRUTH!
Outraged with political views of deaths of BLACK minorities seem to be a

Pattern publicized only when the cover up is EXPOSED by cries of many
Emotionally stirred by vigilante policemen looking to change the lives of
A family with one SHOT from their pistol! How can you stand behind BAD
Cops when this type of atrocities are committed by them at a greater risk
Each time a BLACK life is lost by the hands of them? WHITE AMERICA!


                                                   RAYSHARD BROOKS

Recently more pain and heartache has hit the world with the killing of yet
Another BLACK soul by the hands of police! Still grieving from George, we
Yell out another name of an individual who should still be here with his
Sweet daughter’s and wife, but yet again the morgue has consumed
His soul all because trigger happy cops couldn’t stand the effects of him
Arousing them with a lil electric from their own weapon! Since when has
Running from the cops with a TASER is a executive decision to end a life

Brutality isn’t the right way to describe this merciless killing of this man
Regardless if he made a decision to run away from his executioner’s all of
One reason he felt deeply to run because the odds weren’t in his favor
Of LIVING through this whole ordeal of an encounter with cop killing black
King’s whose skin is an immediate termination of LIFE all because their
Skin is yet again too BLACK and dangerous for cops to deal with!


Please share with all the viewers, but please pay attention to all of the names going down the sides before the sentence for their names represent these messages! Thank you…
—————————————————————————-I am not racist -N- im not just saying im not racist just so you can decide whether you like me or hate me im not racist , but how would you like it if I walked down the street with a assault rifle with a shoulder strap Bullet proof vest with a Black Panther Patch -N- a Black sheet over my face !
This just got that deep.
Im not racist !
But you is Donald Trump -N- Whoever tries to pick this apart
Saying I don’t know what the Problem is
That peaceful protesters gets rammed by car mangled and dies for Black Lives Matter
By White Rioters in Charleston , Virginia
Is yall seeing this Brazen Public Display of Hate Crimes
They should be charged -N- caged or Tazzed-N- Sprayed or Made to pay cause they Racist
Im not racist or any of my youth Another innocent Black male A victim of Police Shooting !
This Hatred is so deep rooted killed for listening to loud Rap music -N- Trump fuels it undermining Everything a Black Leader has done for this country !
Are yall seeing this Trump really tries to have the statue of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King jr. removed from the White House Trump Really wants us wiped out -N- Im Racist ?

 A BLACK POET, ONCE SAID IN THE 60’s / 70’s,  ” Fire Next Time “.
   Fire is now not enough.       The creation of a black mossad is time.]



Tageline: ” We never learn to its too late, …(  modern lynchings ).

 Proposition For Review: ”  The indifference white police have in shooting and killing black Folks.”.

1.) The premise of this discourse lay in the current trend ( more properly stated , ) ‘ THE CONTINUUM OF BLACK MURDER , BY white police , killing black Folks since the election of the first – and only- modern , black president. Yet , now even after he has left the white house, the murderous dogs have not stopped.

2.) As an uncle, father and grandparent of Black girls & boys, I am deeply concern and ‘ unrested ‘  at notion and reality , that one of my love ones can be shot, strangled and killed by other mendacious tactic’s that are taught in police forces in America, simply because they are black / brown.  And a major element of this nation’s law enforcement  teach not only , racist procedure’s, but teach / plant the seed’s, for sloth pogroms against people of african-american heritage. These patent & latent black phobia’s , that seem to emerge in these police encounter’s, expose the ethnocentric inferiority complexes that they are allowed to mesh out on a class deemed  pariah.

3.) The theory that there is a group  or — for lack of a more readily identifiable term — race — contagion trigger involved with these spree killings of black folks by white police is not a new premise , nor one that History has disproved.   Rather , it is only by the luxury of history that these theories are ever accepted by those benefiting or witnessing them.   Let alone those perpetrating them.

4.) We must approach and observe them somewhat like we study and chronicle the spree killings of Serial killer’s ;  or Sprouts of wars and massacres.  There is an inherent check and ( somewhat , oddly ) balance or
Pause in human evil , as history shows in the recorded event’s of misanthropic acts.  ( see: the book : Mutual aid , by Kropotkin. )

5.) While being a scholastic student of history, the lack of access to the necessary tomes to provide unique and concrete examples of this brand of evil and the correlations to group / race contagion theory make this proposition sound more conspiracy than something that is more innate and  “” SOCIAL CONDITIONING “”.

6.) BUT, as stated above , the future historian’s and statisticians will have the best luxury and collection of data to make the better indictments.
My pen, due to it’s current station and disadvantages , cannot put forth the compelling facts.  However, I strive to start the wheels to collect and studying the evidence that Ida  b. Wells showed us, and to look at these from this prism.

7.) There is no dispute in the facts that white males and the groups they belong to, and their hatred , had and have grown greatly in this country the day Obama Won the Presidential election.  We tend to focus merely on the loudest hate stentorian and the more extremists , while ignoring those who keep it within. And a lot of these are police- old and new .

8.) These spikes are nothing new so they don’t seem as unique or as bold as new things tend to stand out . But there is a correlation between black folks gaining power and freedom with all spikes of white male violence in this country ;   Which , upon examination , both conscience and unconscious, are responses to that black power / self-advancement, /  self-defense / self-determination .

9.) One classic example of this , that needs no new intro to this premise, is the reconstruction period, right after slavery, and birthed the kLU kLUK kLAN,
jIM cRoWism, lynch mobism, police power used to terrorize, suppress and torture and suppress and enforce post – slavery conditions through murders and state sanction terrorism.  Transferences of the northern segregation to the south in more extreme degrees.

10.) These same police sanction state terrorist acts spiked again during the civil rights  period as well. So the pattern continues with the election of the  
First pellucidly black President.

11.) Now, as with all things in the human condition / tradition and tract, other
Societal factors also must be factored in on individual cops. The police are the products of their communities and up bringing.
The false fear that black men, and indeed ,  in general , black people kill more white people then white people do is statistically disabused. And , because the human inner workings are far more complex then can be explained, stated, it is not as simple as black & white.

12.) Factors such as hatred, power and money , stereotypes , mis – & – dis  -Education of both the Negro and the Caucasoid push the edges further.

13.) These factors create a reasonable mistrust in the black community. The p.o.v . that the white police , who resent the dichotomy of being viewed as both terrorist and patrolmen, having self-appointed themselves as the keeper’s / overseer’s of the nation’s Ghettos they, themselves have forged, now want complain/ resent , having to go into the same concrete jungles and being viewed as an invading force of pigs and other pent-up black dissent.  Victor Frankenstein wants to complain about the fumes , gas and
Radiation his various Laboratories emit.”” PROSECUTE THE PERSECUTED “”.

14.) THEY seem to not understand or are to megalomaniac, to not want to understand that , if you cut the wings of the bird , not much flying is going to
happen, nor how the bird can, will and be able to provide for it self, will be peaceful or within its nature. Therefore, the bird is contained there and must feed there, and only on what is there,  regardless of how rancid it may be or
Unhealthy.   That if you Desharpen the fangs of the lion, his bite will be more painful to him and when you do such, this lion will no longer eat the way its nature once was.and so when he finally feed, it won’t be peaceful or within its nature .and the results of infrequent feeding will turn him. Cause him to feed desperately and savagely upon anything he comes across, in the most extreme cases, it will go totally against its nature and engage in cannibalism. Survival will pervert it’s nature, for that will be the goal at great cost. He live in perpetual self-hate and self-destruction  / self- destructive ways and means will be viewed different. For, the pain it feel is the goal of ending. Path to the least pain will send it to more pain and savagery.

15.) As I crown this off , I encourage  both the current and future  historians, sociologist, and statisticians, to start exploring this premise so that some black lives can be and should be saved by the results, exposing and making these sloth pogroms undeniable to those who honorably seek change.
Let your findings be so well known and understood, that even, if it does not spark and awaken the humanity in those responsible and committing them,
It will at least galvanize black folk to realize they need to take their security in to their own hands and stop these pogroms , and bring home our on justice, and not ” JUST us being victims.

16.) If america is the black folks Hitler’s Germany, and apex of the  “MAAFA”
( BLACK HOLOCAUST ) , and the police , are the SS Soldiers , then it is only logical and natural for us to build and maintain our own BLACK MOSSAD.

17.) AND still more , the BIBLICAL motto –while not an adoption, but as an
Inspiration, proverb 11:14 ,  
                              ” Where there is no guidance , a nation falls, but in an abundance of counselors ,there is safety .”.             Al-shura.

And proverb 24:6:  ” For by wise guidance ( al- furqan), you can wage your defense “.
(  self-advancement is self defense, ).and self-defense is the war of necessity.

18.) Our motto in both practice and principle, should be : ” SAVING BLACK LIVES “.      
                                                                                                RAS UHURU.
                                                                                THIS SIDE OF THE RUBICON !
                                                                                                      BATTLE FORGED.

SEE MORE AT :  “” UHURU’S PEN””. Fb & blog.

ADDENDUM:  in 2015 when this was originally written, while waiting for it to
be typed up, a young chump, down in Charleston , NC . went inside the oldest reported black church in the country, and pogromed  nine sister’s & brother’s
( PEACE TO THEM ).     THIS , after the Coward police pig who shot and murdered Walter Scott , by hitting him four times in his back. , illustrates the
Proposition on display here. Watching the state gov. Put on her crocodile tears . this too will go on and pass with very little done to stop the cheap murder of black folks, because , as usual , we want to be the ” GREATEST FORGIVERS “. !  Yet, no one forgives us when we do bad things.   Look at the swelling and busting of the prison seams with black folk. And tell me just how forgiving others are of us. Even, when the issues have no impact on them and theirs.   The facts is, this hit was no surprise to me, as I see it being meditated everyday by state sanction. Raciest have not never been absent from the law enforcement and political power in every state in this country.
I had back in 2015, rhetorically asked,   “”  I wonder how many more Church or other hits ( lynchings,  draggings , hangings, etc ) will have to occur before we see that a black mossad is required to stop the maafa. “”

Well, the pig who just suffocated the brother George Flody in broad daylight with people right there, and all the other murders over that five year period show you, that ain’t no change, and despite the out pour of those condemning this case,as if it is an exception to all others, making this an anomaly, and therefore, no urgency nor  genuine belief that fundamental change is warrant.
Mao Ze Dong ( Tse-tung) famously said that : ” power only respect and respond to other power or Force. “.
So no police or government will respect or care how much a bunch of black folk s or , in some view, niggers, march, picket or cry and beg for justice.  After over a hundred years, we are still crying, begging, marching, demanding for the same shit, just to live.  Why should they take us serious or fear they need to treat us as equal or human.  In their minds, and we have not forced them to think otherwise. , we are still their motherfucking slaves.
Will a black mossad allow all these murders ???   Check the record.
The mossad of Israel don’t wait for the ex Nazi to treat them right.
The Arab, or the muhajadhin who fight properly the oppression of Islam the way Al Nabi taught and his sunna, you don’t see them waiting no hundred year’s and still begging for the same shit slaves begged for…

                       “”.  NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOU ACQUIRE, OPRAH,
                              RAPPERS etc,  NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY TO
                               GAIN POWER,  OBAMA, etc…..
                                 you are still niggers to us, and will always be niggers,
                                  Who’s lives only matter to the extent and degree we
                                    Say so.       And we don’t have to tell you this, fore,
                                     All our laws, statutes, policies, practices, and conduct
                                       Tells you this. So go ahead and scream, cry and shout
                                         About how much you matter, cause we make that
                                            Determination for you.  And right now, you don’t
                                                   Matter at all.


BUT MOST, IMPORTANTLY MOSSAD UP.       5/30/deuce’s revisited 12:46am

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