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March 24, 2020


Recent developments here at NLCI include that A-Unit started coming off of “modified operations” yesterday.

Also yesterday, a March 23, 2020, memo (“SUBJECT: Temporary Suspension of Internal DAI Transfers”) was posted which was issued by the DOC’s Division of Adult Institutions Administrator, Makes Fessahaye, stating that transfers between institutions are suspended until “the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is reduced.”

What Fessahaye’s definition of “reduced” is unknown and, most likely, will still present a risk of exposure.

Yesterday, a prisoner housed on the same side of the unit I am housed on was packed up for transfer to “Boot Camp” today and is still waiting for his transfer which appears to still be happening. Apparently, someone didn’t get that memo. SNAFU. You may want to verify that someone isn’t adhering to the Fessahaye’s directive.

Knowing that we are a population of people in a high virus-threatening environment, that order is about a week too late.

It’s actually like they read my March 22 email to IWOC.

My well wishes go out to the men caught between maximum security to medium security layover in the Dodge Correctional Institution. My layover was for five days in a cramped three-man wet cell in conditions worse than a supermax and held incommunicado. No pen, no paper, old and tore-up magazines, no phone, no mail, no recreation or library (I can go on and on) and only one shower in those five days. No playing cards or other games. At five days having to eat in an unclean cell will create inviting conditions that cause health risks greater than just COVID-19.

I am a strong person, but those five days were emotionally straining as well as draining on me.

I can only fear the deteriorating emotional conditions of the men who must suffer in that environment more than five days. That treatment is deplorable! Shame on the powers-that-be, shame for such mistreatment!!!!!

I think that people in society ABSOLUTELY needs to call or email Administrator Fessahaye and bring this psychological torture leads to pain and a probable health hazard to Fessahaye’s attention and demand better treatment and conditions during the five day stay that will go on for longer during this alleged transfer hiatus.

Damn, the DOC has issues they don’t know they have or is too blind to see it. Yes, that is why the above saying is appropriate for this missive.

I also note that staff has allowed movement of prisoners being called up and issued property in the Property Room despite the Deputy Wardens’ memorandum instructing that property issuance will take place on the units. That memo hasn’t been rescinded or walked back. Even the library is open and that is a breeding ground (there are men touching books, periodicals and keyboards for legal work and the automated system to search for books). I thought the Governor ordered everyone to shelter in place for non-vital workers.

I’ve always went to the library when able and I’d miss it, but my family will miss me if I succumbed to COVID-19 just because people are making the wrong and health-threatening allowances.

Each prison is its own small community. With staff coming in and leaving, we are at great risk and shelter in place ought to apply here. If the Governor believes there is a risk to society, then in overcrowded prisons, the risk is much greater.

I can’t believe the powers-that-be at NLCI (maybe the DOC) are making unsound decisions (and I’m putting that mildly!).

Still Warehoused While at an Increasing Risk,
Charles C. Downing #99690
New Lisbon Corruptional Institution

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