Oshkosh: “Yesterday we had a medical emergency..” (1/17/19)

From an email sent 1/17/19 from Oshkosh Correctional:

“Hey yesterday we had a medical emergency here at Oshkosh correctional inst. Where they came in to check on an inmate in k-unit. Something big is going on right now a bunch of correctional officers came running into our unit here to the room of the inmate that had the medical emergency here the other day.  Everyone now thinks this inmate is dead. There could have been more done. You ask yourself the question if he is dead why did he die the next day after a medical emergency? Why was he left on this unit if the man needed medical attention? This is all not right and I’m going to write a bunch of people if this inmate is dead. Because this should not be happening and there should be some kinda responsibility taken for what happened here. I’ll keep everyone posted if this inmate is alive or dead. I’m sure there will be more talk about this tomorrow. This is so horrible and not right at all. A lot of questions going through my head about this. We can only hope and pray that things get better here. This is bad and not many know what goes on in these prison fences. This happened between 9-9:30pm tonight. Not confirmed but pretty sure the man is dead in his room they have some kind of blue walls up so no one can look in his room. They don’t want people to know what happened here. I’m going to send this out so it gets to you but this is the news in Oshkosh correctional inst. Tonight. God bless everyone who’s got family locked up this is a sad situation that could happen to anyone. Voices need to be heard and we need change here at Oshkosh this the worst prison I’ve ever been too.”