Open Records Training: Short Manual Format

See here a Training Manual/how-to guide for making open records requests and analyze the information you obtain. We have developed this material in several different formats, including a short manual, a long manual and a webinar (a video-call interactive training that people call into from their computers), and audio-recording of one of our interactive training . You are looking at the short manual right now. To see the long manual go here. See here the audio recording of the interactive open records training. Email us at to be part of the next interactive video-call open records training.

This training manual is intended primarily for use by people making open records requests of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections as part of organizing to support prisoner organizing. This information should be useful with some modifications if you’re making information requests of the DOC in different states, and with greater variation if you are making requests of other agencies since different bureaucracies require different tactics.

Download the full manual here.

If you have any questions, or feedback for improving this training resource, please send them to us at