Stanley: “A prisoner committed suicide on Sep 21st” [9-28-18]

Excerpt from 9-28-18 letter by prisoner at Stanley Correctional Institution, describing recent suicide at Stanley.

“Something occurred I think you should know about. A prisoner
committed suicide in Stanley on Fri. Sept 21st. That in itself is not
uncommon but the circumstances indicate that it shouldn’t have
happened. Most of my information is second hand so it needs to be
verified. The guy is allegedly someone named Koch, a person who looked like he
was in his 20/s ( actually he looked about 16 but I think he was in
his 20’s), If it was Koch, then he was on some sort of medication
since he was a juvenile. When he arrived at Stanley they discontinued
his medication. He had been up to the library several times asking for
help and had made numerous requests to HIS staff to give him back the
medications but they refused. I think that’s what drove him to kill
Within a couple of hours of finding his body, they cleared his
personal property out of his cell and made his cell mate go back into
the cell. I would have thought they would leave the cell empty for
awhile after an incident like that.
But whether he is the one who killed himself is second hand knowledge which is why the
above named parties should be notified and given the secondhand
information so they can verify whether it is true. If it is true, I
expect the DOC to institute cover-up about his pleas to reinstate his
medication. The denial of which most likely led to his suicide. I’ll
leave this up to you to proceed on this matter however you feel fit.”

Conditions in the Wisconsin prison system need to change.