Racine Correctional Phone Zap

Number to call: 262) 886-3214‬ ask for the warden

Time to Call: Ideally 8 AM to 4:30 PM, but anytime works

Sample Script: “I am a member with IWOC, Incarcerated workers organizing committee. I am calling out of concern for the modified lockdown due to Covid. We’ve received information of continued transfers from other facilities and transfers within. One Inmate was transferred into RCI with Covid. With Inmates having zero visitation since March, and limited access to outside activities, there is serious concern for Inmate morale, Inmates mental health is at risk. These issues at RCI are of great concern. Why are there still transfers coming in and going out at this time and you continue to lockdown Inmates? Why are some C.O.’s not wearing masks?

 DOC’s own Philosophy for Inmates is the importance of contact with family/friends, what is RCI doing to make this possible during this lockdown? There are no Zoom visits allowed at this time. 

Inmates need the support of family and friends more than ever. 

As of yesterday RCI had a total of 109 positive cases and with continued lockdowns we are demanding for the Inmates to be able to have Zoom visits / phone calls as well as proper hygiene materials, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer. “

Fine out more about conditions at Racine Correctional here: https://wisconsinprisonvoices.org/institution/inst/medium/racine/

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See more on victories won from phone zaps and other tactics here: https://wisconsinprisonvoices.org/victories/Conditions in the Wisconsin prison system need to change. Help the work along!