Phone zap: medical crisis at PDCI

Issue: medical neglect, inadequate showers at PDCI.

Demand: Provide additional time for showering and cell cleaning

Target: Warden at Prairie Du Chien Correctional

Number: Call (608) 326-7828, dial 0, ask for the office of the warden

Sample Script: 

“Hello, my name is _____.  I am calling out of concern regarding the mass COVID outbreak at Prairie Du CHien Correctional, and how it’s being handled. Incarcerated people at PDCI have told us they are not being given enough time for showering or to clean cell. Can the prison re-evalaute current policies?”

When to call: 

Ideal time is 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, but if you can only call later that still has an effect.

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