Phone Zap: 9/2/20

Edit: There was a previously scheduled phone zap against Taycheedah Correctional to help an individual put in solitary confinement. The prison has already promised to release her from isolation, so this pressure is unnecessary. Instead find information on another prison issue phone zap details for Wednesday 9/2/20:

Who to call: Green Bay Correctional, (920) 432-4877, ask for the warden

Sample script: “I’m calling out of concern with the excessive heat at your prison. IWOC has received many reports of prisoners facing heat higher than 90 degrees, have made complaints and requested fans, and been turned down. This is outrageous and inhumane, you need to get people fans. When will Green Bay Correctional improve conditions?”

Maximum impact is if you can call between 8 AM and 4:30 PM, but if you can only call later that’s good as well. After you call, please text back an IWOC mobilizer or email so we can track total numbers and impact of people who participated.

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Conditions in the Wisconsin prison system need to change. Help the work along!