Phone Zap: Coronavirus in Waupun Correctional

A doctor at Waupun Correctional Institution was infected with coronavirus, and the prison is not taking appropriate action to deal with this crisis. Please take a minute to call the warden of Waupun and express your concern. We need to speak up.
Call  (920) 324-5571 dial 0, and ask to speak with the office of the Warden, Brian Foster
Sample script: “I am deeply concerned about the outbreak of coronavirus at Waupun Correctional Institution, and across the DOC. I’m with the group IWOC, and we’ve heard from people inside that prisoners continue to do laundry, food, and cleaning jobs without protective equipment, and staff are handing out meds without using gloves. Some prisoners have been denied masks as security risks, and incarcerated people are relying on family members and TV station for updates. This is appalling, and needs to be changed immediately. What are you doing to improve preventative health measures and to better inform people inside on what is happening?”

After you made this phone zap, if possible please send an email to us us at so we can see how many people did the call and what kind of response you got. The phone zap message can also be emailed to Warden Brian Foster as an email zap, write to and you can bcc so we can track impact.

See more on how to do phone zaps here:

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Conditions in the Wisconsin prison system need to change.