Phone Zap: CARES Act

Please take a moment to call Wisconsin Department of Corrections leadership to get them to assist incarcerated people receive their CARES Act stimulus checks.

Numbers to call
Secretary Kevin Carr – (608) 240-5065
Deputy Secretary Amy Pechacek – (608) 240-5054
Assistant Deputy Secretary Jared Hoy – (608) 240-5065

Sample script
“Hello, my name is _____. I am calling to urge the Wisconsin Department of Corrections to alert everyone in its custody that they are now eligible for the $1,200 stimulus check, and to make the necessary tax forms immediately available. This is very time sensitive because the filing deadline is October 30. We know that before the Scholl v Mnuchin decision DOC policy was to confiscate stimulus checks and and return them to the IRS. The DOC needs to issue a correction and help incarcerated people access their money. What will the DOC do?”

When to call
Ideal time is 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, but if you can only call later that still has an effect.

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