Milwaukee County Jail phone zap

Call:  Milwaukee County Jail (414) 226-7070 ask to speak with the security director

Suggested Times: Between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM is most effective, but if you can only call later still do so

Sample Script: “I’m calling out of concern with the heavy-handed lockdown that Milwaukee County jail is implementing, it seems punitive and excessive. Your facility should address the conditions that lead to incarcerated people not locking in, instead of disproportionate and excessive restrictions. Can you tell me why the whole unit is under lockdown and when these conditions will change?”

Background on Milwaukee County Jail incident: Amidst a pattern of widespread abuse and deprivation, IWOC received a report recently from inside that stated: “There was a sit down protest last night.  About half of the pod was refusing to lock in. They brought about 50 CO’s into the unit and they were throwing chairs around, sounds like a very bad situation.  The segregation unit is full, so those that participated are locked in on the unit.  They are basically treating everyone the same, so even people that did not participate are barely being let out for an hour.  
The stress level in the unit is very high, because they basically have them locked in all the time.  They don’t have enough phones, only one of the video visit computers works and every time they come to pass medication or have meal time they have to lock down.”

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