Badger State Industries Phone Zap

Please take a moment to help today with a mass phone zap against Badger State Industries. This company is connected to and profits from the labor at Columbia Correctional Institution, we are calling them out of concern with arbitrary restrictions on phone access at Columbia and Oshkosh. Our previous calls to the prison have been ignored, so we are going to Badger State Industries to pass on a message to the DOC.

Please call Mark, at Badger State Industries at
608.225.1790 (cell phone) at any time today.

Sample script: “I am calling today in regards to the new restrictions on phone usage for incarcerated people at Columbia and Oshkosh Correctional. We’ve tried calling the prisons directly and are being ignored. Can you pass along the following message to your contacts at the DOC and tell them to make meaningful change on this issue? Our message is: We are concerned with the arbitrary and harmful restriction on phone usage at Columbia and Oshkosh Correctional. This is causing very harmful situation, both for the incarnated people and family and loved ones. The incarnated people are feeling very isolated from their families and loved ones and all this will do is cause tension and that can be a recipe for disaster. Many family members work during the day and can’t take personal calls so that people inside lose their call for the day. People are getting frustrated. So to avoid any potential disaster I am asking that you to restore the phone rules to the way they were before June 2019.”

If you have any questions, contact us at

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