Waupun: “They have cancelled recreation so many times for each cell hall that finally the South Cell Hall had enough… (1/17/19/

From a recent email sent by someone incarcerated at Waupun Correctional, received 1/17/19: “I believe starting the email newsletter may be a wise & $ saving idea. At least in regards to those who have tablet’s/email accounts in the prison’s. I feel that, since all inmate’s have an email account arranged now, this may be an option for saving funds. Like I said, “maybe”.      

            I apologize for the delay in my response. I wanted to be able to state facts regarding the following….    With regards to what has transpired in W.C.I recently….they have cancelled recreation so many times for each cell hall that finally the South Cell Hall had enough. They began throwing fruit, n items lite on fire out of their cells onto the lowest tier where staff was. It caused an institution wide lock down for almost 2 days, & the South Cell Hall remained on lock down there after  for a week. Roughly 16 guys were taken to solitary throughout the first 2 days. As of right now, it is said that all of those inmate’s have been transferred to either the other 2 max’ prison’s, or to Boscobel.  Due to the alleged “staff shortage” we have been forced to go with constant cancellations of ALL leisure time activities, recreation, school, showers & even religious activities, (such as Bible studies).      

           The only issues being addressed as secondary are, the  abnormal temperature fluctuations in the North Cell Hall. Cold spots. Lastly, we have had an institution complaint examiner James Muenchow here, as long as I can remember, & I’ve been here going on 15 urs now, in May. In that time frame, he has either rejected or dismissed over 90 % of inmates’ complaint’s. He does little to no investigation into the merit’s of the complaints, & goes out of his way to disregard the facts therein, the constitution & his position to be non-biased. All of which van be proven if you were to do an open records request, or get it so inmates sign a release form giving you access to that info. You’ll love seeing how many guy’s here would not only be willing to release access to that, but to see how many times you WILL see the exact same word for word decisions. As if he uses a computer file of templates with pre-drafted decisions on it. (No matter who the inmate is or what he wrote.)   

       I hope this is of some help in your endeavors. I thank you for your time. ”