Open Records 57 and 58: Complaints

See these open records recently obtained from the Wisconsin DOC, relating to incarcerated people’s complaints:



An IWOC volunteer analyzed these documents, and wrote the following summary:

Document #56 – Complaint Data
All content is redacted except for the status of the complaints, which were all dismissed for
“lack of merits” or frivolity.
Document #57
Two complaints on this one. One only mentions a search of another inmates cell for stolen?
Shower shoes. The shoes were not found.
A more serious complaint is of an inmate alleging that the librarian deleted, or otherwise
destroyed, legal documents. The claim is never followed up on. One writer mentions that there
should be saved files (in this case on 3.5in floppies) prompting the other writer to say that the
librarian checks computers for misuse and that the inmate has been caught breaking the rules
before. There is no more information about the inmates claim. \
In a separate conversation about inmates filing complaints there is the following :
If the inmate rewrote the complaint on a new form, you have to treat it as a new
submission… the inmate would argue, probably successfully, this is a new
complaint and he wasn’t given one chance to correct… it’s frustrating, but, look
at it this way, if he wants to play games, rewrite all the time, and we treat each
original new submission as such, sooner or later, he’ll be late… then what, he’s
going to argue that you sent back those others? Well, he did nothing with those
and chose to file new… his fault…
Inmates are complaining that there are no socks available for two weeks this past winter. The
CO says that there is a sock shortage.
Patient wants a hand scan instead of removing his foot brace to go through a metal detector.
They inform the patient that he must remove the brace.
Upon clearing out a double cell, one inmate’s property was placed with another inmates (this
second inmate seems to have been discharged) upon discharge only the property that is on that
inmates card is given to the inmate, everything else is deemed contraband and destroyed. This
other property was that of the first inmate. They don’t bother to look at what possession they
are destroying. The complaint is for a missing sweatshirt and shoes. They DOC is reimbursing for