Open Records #55: Susan Novak Emails December 2018

Here are several days of emails by Columbia Correctional Institution’s warden, Susan Novak, in December 2018:


An IWOC volunteer found these aspects of the emails particularly relevant:

Staffing Information:

  1. In an email dated December 20, 2018, Susan Novak writes to Karla Souzek that there were 4 interviewed scheduled for CFSL on the morning of the 19th. 3 of the 4 interviewees didn’t show up for their show up. She also writes that CCI will be down 2 CFSL positions in January of 2019 (33% vacancy rate), and even when CCI is fully staffed on CFSL’s, there are not enough to operate with overtime. She asks Karla Souzek if she can request an LTE CFSL position for the second time.
  2. In an email dated December 20th, 2018, Susan Novak asks William (Bill) McCreedy if he can come to CCI to mentor a new HSU manager.
  3. In an email dated December 20th, 2018, Susan Novak tells Erica Healey that in December 2018, HR received applications from 324 people via & Of these, 60 interviews were scheduled, 38 people were actually interviewed, and 33 passed the interviews.

Incident Information:

  1. In an email dated December 20th, 2018, Sheldon Best, Captain at Jackson Correctional, an inmate was placed into controlled separation at 1950 (7:50 PM). The inmate had used his linens to cover the windows of his cell and used his mattress to barricade the door to his cell. Staff attempted to make contact for 20 minutes, and after the inmate refused to respond, an emergency cell extraction was conducted, in accordance with the inmate’s history of self-harm. After the inmate was strip searched and had no injuries reported from a medical assessment, the inmate was taken to a different cell, this time without linens. At 2100 (9:00 PM) the inmate re-opened existing wounds on his arm and an extraction team was reassembled. The team made a show of force but did not need to make entry into the cell. The inmate then agreed to be treated by a nurse, and is now under clinical observation with restraints.

Transition Information:

  1. It appears that more than a few inmates who have been transferred from minimum security facilities have been having trouble transitioning into CCI. Several emails state that newer inmates are having trouble adapting to new restrictions. Apparently, several of the inmates making complaints about restrictions at CCI are there for SUD programming.