Open Records #46: Lucas Weber Emails

46.Lucas.Weber security director CCI;  Open Record emails between 12/20 and 12/24/18

These were mostly short and cryptic emails.  They clearly don’t say much, most likely because of possible open record requests.

One email From JCI Security Dir. Kevin Garceau  To Lucas Weber referred to “paper spoons”: “…if we’re gonna keep these fellas, can we steal some paper spoons from ya?”  So they sometimes use a sort of code.

A few references to specific inmates but few details; redactions.

List of DOC people listed in emails and their titles and roles if I could find them:

Lucas Weber,  Security Director , CCI

Kevin Garceau,  Security Directory, JCI

Jonathan Bussle

Jason Wells, Security Director RCI

Katie Pollock

Kristy Szelagowski  Security secretary-confidential, WI DOC, Westfield, WI

Sarah E. Goodman

Susan R  Novak

Joseph Cichanowicz,  Training Captain CCI

Shannon  L Schmidtknecht  CCI Unit Manager, HU 5; 608-742-9100  x9317

Cynthia L. Neuhauser   Correctional Program Supervisor, CCI

Capt. Michael D. Buettner  1st Shift Commander, Oakhill CI

Jim Schwochert,  Administratory Division of Adult I

Dawn M Landers, PsyD,  Psych Supervisor Oakhill CI   835-3101 x6060

Daniel  Frisch PhD  Licensed Psychologist,  HU 6 CCI 742-9100 x9316  leaving per email 12/21/18

See also  002.DOC Officials Contact Info – list with names, titles,email. Phone where available

These names were put on this list if they were  not already on it. The other list is more complete.

Abbreviations: (some I could figure out)

RH – Restricted Housing

CR – Conduct Report