Open Records #39: Medication Workgroup Meeting Notes 2018

Record of the meeting minutes of all DOC Medication Workgroup Meetings that occurred, from 1/1/8 to 10/25/18.



Notes on this record by an IWOC volunteer, a retired medical technician:

Problem is inconsistency of KOP (Keep on Premises) medications in RH (Restrictive

Housing) units between institutions

Want to make these practices more consistent; desirable to have consistency between

institutions to reduce abuse of meds by inmates and make job of staff nurses easier.


Want to go to unit doses for KOP meds; ie 1 dose prepackaged, maybe for a specific

inmate.   Might make abuse harder, eg can’t drink a whole bottle of liquid tylenol or swallow

a bunch of pills from a bottle if meds prepackaged with 1 dose per package.   Would be prepackaged by pharmacy.


Also, unit dose packaging would allow COs to be able to give liquid tylenol.  There may be

problems with that practice.  See below.

Crushed  meds need to be given by a nurse.


Relate to a letter to Peggy Swan from Louis Keys (587473).  Letter of 11/5/18 from KMCI

 He was given diphenhydramine (Benedryl)  in a capsule form. It sounds like it was in a bubble pack, unit dose pack and was removed poorly from the

pack and the capsule opened so the contents spilled out.  Should probably not have given the

damaged capsule to the inmate.  Inmate says the contents burned his lips and they felt numb

I don’t know if that is a reaction of that particular medication but a reaction should be evaluated

by a nurse. Letter doesn’t say who gave med.:  CO or nurse. ,

It is a problem for untrained, nonmedical personnel to give meds, maybe even unit dose pre packaged meds.  There can be unexpected reactions to even seemingly simple meds. And

untrained people  don’t seem to know that damaged meds should not be given to patients.