Open Records #28: Lucas Weber Emails 8/15-17, 2018

Record of emails sent by the security director of Columbia Correctional, Lucas Weber, from 8/15/18 to 8/17/18.

Highlights and notes from this record:

Page 9 describes Columbia’s video storage process, including body cameras, serious incidents, training videos and use of force videos.


Page 35. Announcement that health services at Columbia would have limited hours for the weekend of August 18-19, 2018 running 0600 to 1600.


Page 41. Columbia Correctional Institution Daily Report 8/16/18.

9:45. RSH2. Jovan Mull #609199 damaged the B-upper shower door by breaking the lower hinge, kicked the door and stopped RSH2 operations. Cell extraction team eventually took Jovan, strip searched him, stunned him with taser when he tried to resist strip search, and put him in cell 17 control status with no property.

18:55. Clyde McKinley #338260 placed into TLU for refusal to release from RSH2 after accepting major disposition. Clyde was escorted to RSH1.


Page 44. Inmates placed in temporary lockup status. 8/16/18.

Jason Johns #528690

Charles Smith #608222

Clyde McKinley #338260


Inmates placed in controlled separation

Javon Mull #608199


Page 51 “Significant issues at CCI: Staffing at weekends. Bag meals. No recreation.

HSU: Staffing. Medication Distribution. Pill Line.”


Page 87. Medication Workgroup Meeting Notes.


Impressions done by IWOC volunteer, retired medical technician:

Started with abbreviations:  IM probably inmate or something close

                                   EMR = Electronic medical record

                                  RH= Restrictive Housig

                                   KOP = Keep on Premises ?  hardest to figure out

                                  HSU = Health Services Unit

Inconsistency between institutions in how meds are handled as reflected in the letters we receive.

Don’t hear much about meds being allowed in cells from our letter writers.

Sounds like this is trying to deal with staff shortages and maybe budget concerns:  hiring more nurses is more expensive

Staff centered vs inmate centered  (convenience of staff)

COs allowed to hand out meds or more meds allowed in cells: increases possibility of abuse and errors

COs could hand out unit doses of low level meds like OTC tylenol

Unit doses = pre packaged single doses of meds from pharmacy:  convenience, reduce abuse, keep in cells more

Consequences of inmates taking meds  eg; hoarding tylenol in cell and overdosing

Don’t address consequences of NOT taking meds eg psychotropic meds

This meeting seems to address logistics of dispensing meds and keeping up changes in the EMR and other similar things.

  Nothing is said about maintaining health of inmates or making sure they get appropriate psych meds.  List of people doesn’t

give titles eg RN,MD,Pharmacist.  Probably no MDs, probably some RNs and Pharm.  This is not so much medical as administrative.