Description of Waupun Lockdown

Sent 1/12/20 by incarcerated person at Waupun Correctional Institution:

“Dear Community members/staff, freedom fighters, human/civil rights activists, any attorneys with the balls to fight this oppressive regime know as the state of Wisconsin, families of the incarcerated, and fellow inmates,

       It is my utmost hope and prayer that this finds you all in the best of health and spirits. I am writing you today with the sad news we are once again embattled with the beast (WCI), as we are currently locked down due to an incident that took place on 12/24/19, between an inmate and correctional staff. That is what we were told by staff and was on the news, radio/TV. Though it is sad that that has occurred and violence should not have to be resorted to. Nor do I/We condone that in any way. It seems that is the only thing these people understand. Or at least seem to, otherwise if they are aware of there actions. Then that means the are purposely targeting weak minded/mentally I’ll inmates, that they know they can set off. In order for them to push their agenda, whatever that might be. From our understanding there was also another incident that had taken place a few days earlier. An the two officers that were involved were C.O. II Sanchez and Sgt. Meyers. He was attempted to be beat up. It should be known that no one for no reason just goes off attacking correctional staff or others. There are reasons behind such incidents, just because it might not seem justified to the general public. Doesn’t mean it ain’t justified to the person whose buttons are continuously being pushed. No one might say, well write and/or talk to this person or that person to resolve a issue. That’s all fine and good in a perfect world. However most everyone within the system does not care about our plights, think we deserve all we get and feel its their job to punish us according to their thoughts. Our punishment is to be removed from society, then suppose to be rehabilitated by correctional staff, and then released when our time is up. But you cannot be rehabilitated, when the ones charged with rehabilitating you are the true criminals and in some cases monsters. Or the ones you try to go to to resolve the issues are either family, in laws, friends, or hunting/fishing buddies. The best say for anyone to understand our plight is this, this is in know way meant to be derogatory hit is only an analogy. What do you think would get resolved, if a Jewish person in a concentration camp in WW II, would have wrote Hitler about the way the SS was treating them? Seriously think about that, as this is the way we feel in here. An the few that do care, won’t speak up for us or the things that these people do do in here. Out of fear of losing their jobs. That is why some people feel they are left with no other choice but to strike out. Correctional staff, DOC staff, and those within the system are by no means innocent by far.

        As to what they are doing to us right now. They are trying to punish us all for the actions of one or two. We went on lock down on 12/24/19. Because of the way the Warden has WCI’s schedule set up. We get canteen on Mondays, so the last time we get showers it the Friday before. As everything is shut down on the weekends already due to lack of staff. So we do not get showers till Tuesday nights following Monday canteen. So in general we do not get showers for three days. But because of the lock down they did not give us showers from 12/21/19-12/26/19. An at the time of this writing 12/30/19, we have yet to shower since the 26th, and they said they do not know when the next time is gonna be. They have also been denying us the use of the phones and kiosk scenic I those that cannot afford tablets. That is their only way to e-mail and check their account balances. As the business office refuses to send out account statements every other week pet their rule. People are being denied their access to the courts as there is no library- and this might not seem so big a deal. But when you are innocent and trying to go home, there is no greater deal.

Many of us are stuck in double rooms that none are fit for to people. As ACA standards and state law state all rooms before 1998 have to be 54 sq. ft. per person. The biggest rooms we have are 54 sq. ft., half are only 50 sq. ft.

     We have not been given recreation or any time out of our room, religious services, or new movies on the institution channel, since 12/23/19.

     All these things I have just mentioned are violations of the DOC-DAI Policy rules, state/federal laws, and our civil rights.

    In addition to violations of DOC-DAI Policy rules, as well as Staff work rules, and state/federal laws. I have seen various staff members sleeping on the job, bringing in personal items such as cell phones, wallets, money, keys, personal identification items, foods/drinks, nap sacks/book bags. I have seen them make and pay off bets, talk to and treat inmates and staff in unprofessional disrespectful ways verbally and physically, have seen C.O.’s with chewing tobacco and using it, have smelled others of freshly smoking cigarettes after coming out of a staff bathroom/secluded areas. These are all violations of staff work rules, DOC/DAI Policy, and state/federal statutes. Oh! One other thing, the property room has also taken inmates “destroyed property”, and have repurposed said TV’s and radios for their own use throughout the institution. Property that was not only suppose to be destroyed, but some inmates were charged disposal fees for the dump and/or recycling center, for items that was not destroyed. Further they have their own personal microwaves, refrigerators, and coffee pots with specialty brews. All of these are contrabanded items within a penal institution. Just like the stuff listed above. Just because Administration allows it, that does not make it right. After all rules is rules right???? So since we cannot have these things and anything we are not allowed to have we have to get rid of. Then they should have to get rid of their contraband to…Fair is fair… Not to mention when you are in the business of corrections and rehabilitation, it is only right to lead by example, correct????”