Taycheedah: “Recently we had a lockdown…”

From a letter received 6/8/2019 from someone incarcerated at Taycheedah Correctional Institution:

“So recently we had a lockdown due to safety of staff and others however we all paid their Price for the misbehavior and I think that it is unfair that we all lost most of our hobby crafts until further notice and I think that we all lost a lot during this Lock down however it never stopped the safety of staff and others because as soon we got off of Lock down however it was still inmates going to seg for fighting and we still lost our property at we have paid for I believed that allows all the new inmates not to really care I have been locked up 14 years and I have really worked hard for everything and I am no saint because I have paid their Price for fighting and I think that it never stopped the misbehavior and I think that people need more programs in and outside so this don’t be a revolving doors for all of us this is my 1 st and last time prison is trauma all in it’s self and that is why we don’t have good people working here.”