Stanley: “The activists are sorely needed…” (12/17/19)

Received 12-17-19 from Stanley Correctional: 

“Many many other Stanley inmates have tried unsuccessfully to fight the multiple co-pay Stanley H.S.U charges. Stanley H.S.U. prescribes acetaminophen for everything regardless of if it helps or not….I have been in Stanley prison since 2010 and dozens of people have died from Health issues. There has been at least 6 suicides that I know of….I have my own little network of Stanley guys…Inmates who sleep 18 hours plus a day. The suicidal, the broken hearted, the inmates who lose their families, homes, property, friends, all that they own, all their money. Prisoners who feel wronged by social workers, unit managers, crooked property workers who steal their property. The petty functionaries who are in power and who use their power to torment them….The activists are sorely needed. You are my main line to hope for these guys. “