Petition from Prisoners at Stanley for “drastic and immediate changes”

First, let me thank you for being a trusted source and outlet for those of us who have no voice or who have been silenced for so long. That silence ends today. The recent tragedy has propelled us into an unstoppable movement. That picture sums up the struggle. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Myself and several other inmates are going to lawfully and within the rules of the DOC petition the warden at Stanley Correctional Institution to implement drastic and immediate changes in the way things are run. So far their are a few dozen, but we expect a minimum of 300 signatures.

Some of the changes are the following:

Until our visits are restored, we expect every employee to wear face masks and gloves. An Asymptomatic person will not have a temperature, and taking their temperature is the only precaution that is being taken.

WE want every officer to undergo some level of racial sensitivity training. The racists must go now. We know what racism looks like and feels like, so this is a top priority. Their is a major problem with racist behaviors here.

WE want the money raised from the fundraisers to go back to the communities we come from. We shouldn’t be helping to build a waiting room in a police station or paying to train a dog that will be trained to bite us in our ass. Either that, or keep your garbage to yourself.

WE want the veterans wing to be immediately dismantled. How do you honor dishonorable men? Easy, give them privileges to remind the rest of us that we are a class below.

WE want this institution to change its policy on SIT SIT SIT!!! Its been medically established that sitting all the time is harmful. Not only does it cause immediate pain, but it can cause more serious medical problems. And “staying in our room to stand” is not and will not be a suitable or acceptable response as an alternative. We have earned the privilege to be in medium, and our health and safety should not be the price we pay to enjoy that privilege.

Please, let others know that they have a voice and a right as a human being to use that voice. Please publish this and encourage others to exercise their rights. We have fought each other for too long while they sit back and view it as entertainment and a reason to treat us the way they do. We are all united by a common struggle. Its time to be united in a common goal.

Remember, “If you haven’t found something worth dying for, your not fit to live.”

Get your knee off my neck! I CAN’T BREATHE!!!