Bed of Regrets

by J.D. Peterson

So many regrets from which I cannot hide
Outnumber all the stars in the sky.
But I’ve endeavored to bury each one in the past;
Hoping, pleading, yearning to be free at last.
Yet they call out from the depths of the earth,
From the shadows, from the grave
Haunting me, tormenting me until I inevitably fall away;
Taken captive to a realm of desolation darker than the
Darkest night where scarcely I possess the courage
And dignity to fight; where my soul has become a
Bottomless well of tears, a chasm of sorrow and perpetual

Oh, relentless bed of regrets, thou has vanquished my flesh,
Obliterated my heart, and pierced my eyes
So that the dreams I now dream are merely lies.

Innumerable are the treasures that I have lost,
Sunken to the bottom of the abyss, oblivious to the cost
And now I watch myself drift away
Like the petals of a flower on the ocean waves.

Time after time and night after night
I have searched for the answers every moment of my life
Only to have found more doubt, defeat, perplexity, and pain
On this bed of regrets to which I am hopelessly chained.