Timeline of Racine Correctional

This is the timeline so far of Milwaukee Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee’s (IWOC) monitoring of abusive conditions a Racine Correctional and the action done inside and outside to change these conditions. This is part of our fight across the Wisconsin prison. If you want to get involved with this effort or have any questions, contact us a iwoc.milwaukee@gmail.com or fill out volunteer form here: goo.gl/pxF3UF

7/16/18: IWOC-Milwaukee received a letter denouncing unsanitary conditions at the Racine Correctional: even people working in the kitchen have no access to hot water; mattresses missing protective plastic cover need to be changed: https://wisconsinprisonvoices.org/cathy-jess/racine-these-

7/11/18: Testimony of silent solidarity from Racine Correctional: “I am not talking about fighting with our fists, but with our pens. The WI DOC can only fight so long before the truth reveals itself”:

6/3/18: A member at Racine Correctional suggests setting out an email account for incarcerated individuals to receive newsletter and send their updates. IWOC later began using this to give updates.

3/12/18: IWOC-Milwaukee interviewed a person formerly incarcerated in Racine Correctional, who described lack of access to mental case medication, lack of heat and cold water, harassment by guards: https://wisconsinprisonvoices.org/corruption/racine-people-

2/8/18: IWOC-Milwaukee received a letter from Racine Correctional evidencing inadequate heating and canteen conditions and the rising prices on products sold to prisoners, without increase in pay. Here is
an excerpt: https://wisconsinprisonvoices.org/updates/racine-the-rock-unit-is-still-without-adequate-