Phone Zap: Fight Transfer of Cesar De Leon

Update: Just heard from Cesar’s family, he stopped his hunger strike today 4/22/19, he told his mother that he is no longer getting transferred to Boscobel. Thank you to everyone who called!

Today or tomorrow call 262-886-3214, extension 2235. Talk to the Racine security captain. Sample script: “I am concerned about the planned transfer of Cesar De Leon from Racine to Boscobel. This would move him over 4 hours drive from his family, and imposes an unnecessary and destructive hardship. Cesar is refusing food and water because of this transfer order, and will stop the hunger strike as soon as there is guarantee he’s not being sent to Boscobel. I’m calling as a friend of the family, to ask that he be kept at Racine or transferred to Waupun or Green Bay as closer facilities.”

Background: Cesar has been in solitary confinement in the Wisconsin prison system for years, and has been part of multiple hunger strikes that push for improvement in conditions. This transfer is likely retaliation for his long-term organizing efforts, and should not be tolerated. To see more on how to do phone zaps like this, go here:

To see victories that have come from this tactic go here:

If you want more information, or want to get involved in other activity to fight this issue, contact us at