Prairie Du Chien: ” I would love for the business office/ to be audited there’s something funny going in there…”

Excerpt from letter sent by someone incarcerated at Prairie Du Chien Correctional Institution, 2/8/19:

“There is nothing here Prairie du Chien Correctional Institution (PDCI) at all to help me or to get me started, being so far away from Milwaukee and my family makes it 10xs worse, I’m trying to get to Oakhill to take the Windows to Work, among other groups/programs including being able to go to Library and go through the Milwaukee Journal newspaper for places to live and to receive visits to be able to make a better release plan with my family as I have no plan, the phone burns money, money that my family does not have and visits are just impossible as the distance is very long.

Let me tell you just a we bit about this place called Prairie du Chien Correctional Institution. I’ve been to many places during my 26 years in prison and this place I don’t know what they are doing with the money, but they never salt the inside of the prison, guys be falling, slipping you name it. They are always looking for volunteers to shovel the snow and or ice for free instead of creating jobs and or getting a snow crew together and wake them up  at 3am to get this done, then they are constantly looking for volunteers to get guys to push guys who are in wheelchairs instead of creating a job out of that too.

When I first arrived here there was no kind of soap to wash your hands with, then they took away the disinfectant spray, this place is so weird and I would love for the business office/ financial specialist to be audited, to be looked into with a fine tooth and comb, there’s something funny going in there, oh and the salt is only to be used in the front area for staff area gatehouse etc… But hey, screw the inmates if they fall, they do  throw a little sand inside but no salt, and our court yard time and or recreation time get cancelled because is not shoveled or icy etc… This is due to looking for volunteers instead of creating jobs, even if it’s seasonal jobs.

                            HEALTH SERVICES DEPARTMENT AT PDCI

H.S.U, well we are at war, the Health Services Manager here at PdCI has made it her mission to make my life hell, so they take away my shoe restriction, even after being told by real doctors and professionals on more than one occasion for me not to wear boots, I’ve received recommendations from professional podiatrists and those recommendations have gone ignored and over written by the HSU manager, who is  trying to force me to wear boots and she took my restriction away, shes a common nurse not a doctor or a professional especially when she’s been told twice no

Then a new treatment was ordered for another medical condition and the order was clearly written as 3 tablets a week, the HSU manager does not take orders, recommendations or prescriptions seriously or well, she screwed up  and overdose me by giving me 9 tablets which I ended up sick, this HSU manager at PdCI takes no responsibility or any professional doctors orders seriously, I am filing a complaint against her and the other nurse ratchets with the Department of Professional, legal services and accountability to investigate and restrict their licenses, so that’s what’s been  going on….

Here, especially when  I just filed a complaint with the Department of Professional Services and accountability, because the HSU Manager and I are not seeing eye to and the outside doctors have already made orders for me not to wear boots, stated get him into a shoe because the institution shoes they gave me is completely torn and she has refused to comply with orders saying wear boots, then not long ago they screwed up and gave me 3xs the dosage of a medication they were trying for my rheumatoid arthritis, so I’m just starting to get frustrated, because I’m sick and tired of spending countless money i don’t have on very selective shoes that don’t work. I will be mailing you a copy of everything if you like so you can see. I’m not the only one having problems with health services here, but I’m the only one sticking up for myself, and here’s the thing Peg, this prison is family operated, I look around and see nothing but husbands and wives, sons daughters etc… Working here, so no one can file a complaint and expect fair results, I have to go relax because I feel my blood pressure shooting.”