Kettle Moraine: “The good-old boy officer organization…” [7/16/18]

Excerpt from letter sent by a prisoner at Kettle Moraine Correctional on 7/16/18:

“Here at KMCI the inmate officers have clearly drawn a line and are
trying to encourage the newer officers to do the same however with
major resistance. This is leading to the dismissal of almost 40
officers here who were hired just last years. The officers have said
they’re being reprimanded for not writing warnings or conduct reports
at some preconceived rate known to only those who are making the
demand….The good-old boy officer (incorporated) organization has
drawn lines against the new officers. How can we ever be treated fair
by officers that despise everything about other ethnic groups, they
hunt together, party together, and if one is wrong in a judgement call
with a new office or an inmate his buddy, friend, family member etc
will also not call him on his behaviors and so there is no chain of
command that one can use to receive justice. His supervisor is his
buddy, family, friend etc.”

Conditions in the Wisconsin prison system need to change.