Phone Zap: Freezing Conditions at Fox Lake Correctional Institution

Please take a moment to help today with a mass phone zap against Fox Lake Correctional over the freezing conditions. The conditions we’ve heard from inside are that:  “As of Thursday, our unit #4, has had no heat. Our first shift Sergeant says “They are working on it”, however there has been no one in all weekend. We are being allowed to wear our winter coats, hats, and gloves inside. I have now come down with the cold. I am wearing thermals and sweats and am still freezing. Today (Sunday) it was warmer outside than inside.”

To speak out against this abuse, you can call Fox Lake Correctional at (920) 928-3151 dial 0 and ask to speak with the warden’s office.  Sample script: “I am calling out of concern with the lack of heat in unit #4 of your prison. It is outrageous that this neglect is continuing. Incarcerated people are suffering and getting sick from this. You need to repair the heat immediately.

If you have any questions, contact us at

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