Fox Lake Reporter # 13 – January 10, 2021

From the Outside

   Since the first issue of the Fox Lake Reporter back in June, I’ve tried to serve as the person who collected and compiled your thoughts.  I did as little ëditing’ as possible and had never injected myself into it.  At this point I think I should let you know that I’m just one of many members of IWOC on the outside who are working to support you.  I will also say that I’m a graduate of the kind care of DOC, having only gotten off paper myself in 2018.

   That being said I feel that we need to make sure you know that, despite how it may feel, you have not been forgotten.  The IWOC group and many, many others are continuing to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.  We continue to try to find ways to get the attention of the Governor and the DOC so that they actually pay attention to the many changes that are needed.  Of course, COVID is first on our minds.  Without telling all, I will say that a number of members of the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate are trying to work to call out DOC’s inadequate response to the virus.  A number of stories you have shared as well as some from other adult facilities have been passed on to them so they could use your voices to directly challenge the DOC press releases.  But … there’s always a but, right?

   In case you didn’t notice it in the news of the last couple days – the outside world has gone ‘full-goose-bozo’, FUBAR and Tango-Uniform; to use some terms I learned in the military.  It has been hard to get the press to give as much attention as they would like to the COVID situation in adult institutions, or much else.  Because of the limited communication you have, you may not realize how tense it is óut here’.  Of course, some media outlets choose to use their air time to promote things that they make money off – I mean the Packers are awesome and important, but I don’t think a third of a half-hour broadcast needs to be spent on that.  Just my opinion.  Go Pack.

  What I’m trying to say, in a stumbling way, is that we want you to know we’re still with you.  We will continue to do everything we can to support and encourage you while you’re in, and when you get out.  Some day, hopefully sooner than later, we’ll return to whatever it is that is “normal” and get some needed changes made.  Until then –  hang in; Peace.

Anonymous 12/9/2020 3:37:32 AM

17days ago my cellmate came into contact with an employee with a positive diagnosis of covid. So they sent him to segregation unit 8 and tested him there. That same morning they told me to pack up because it’s protocol for the cellmate of the possibly infected to go into “Observation” with others Quarantining. As I’m waiting for his results to come back, A day later he’s found negative and moved over here. Now my observation turned into a full 14 day quarantine. (This is a recollection of my experience) So I get over here single cell room that was extremely filthy as if no one cleaned it in 3 residents. Don’t get me wrong on the upside being over here pauses usual day to day issues of fake smiles and envious encounters on the unit I was stuck on, Don’t have to wear greens, the phones always open, trays come to your room, there is no daily pat downs which I always felt was just another way for officers to spread it right along with room searches which also don’t happen over here. On the downside postponed video visits, Limited passive rec time, But the main issue you’ll never know who’ll come over here with a confirmed case.  Just 11days ago they moved over here about 10 negative folks from the other side that is now made for confirmed cases to isolate. I took count of the confirmed side it’s over 30 over there passing the phone, In and out the 4 seater bathroom, dappin up in the hallways, wearing no masks etc… these new 10 guys came from over there using the phones with 20+ confirmed guys but I’m pretty much sure they clean after spending my last 10 days with them. lol 10 more moved over there the next day from segregation but positive with covid. 

    Speaking of 10 unit 10 so messed up. That’s my real unit which is currently a covid breeding ground. Its c.o’s that don’t wear mask, Guys saying how they can’t smell or taste & one of the fellaz fell out and he’s now on the covid side. They put his celly over here before his results came, He went to seg got tested now his bunky got corona2. To make matters worse they moved someone else in that room with no sanitation applied 3hrs later. 1 of the women officers I know that works over there told me it’s at least 100 over there with it. They trying to pacify us with the addition of a long overdue movie channel don’t get me wrong, they playing some good films and all but. The Doc don’t know how to weaken this pandemic, unfortunately they pretty good with helping the spread. Just last week they moved a guy back to his unit before his 14days was up s.m.h. He told me they never swabbed him either. The worse part about they sent him back to unit #3 that houses the medical and elderly mainly, & on top of that he’s a kitchen worker his self who still has his job, not mad but disappointed about the possible spread they created. I found out the guys they moved over here ain’t fresh over here. They been on the other side for almost 14days prior, they’re a group awaiting the departure to minimums and ERP and word is until they bus arrives they’re stuck here quarantining cause the beds on they old FLCI units has been filled, already 3 or 4 guys on the other side contracted the virus waiting to leave with this group. Good news they got confirmation on paper thru canteen and a white shirt that they’ll be leaving next week. 

    The same people who help out over here do there job with just a facemask on “one of them disposable joints” also goes on the positive case side same scenario. I was told in the back on C&D wing it’s positive cases too, those guys just stuck in they room getting trays dropped off ect… last night an infected guy went to the hospital with covid related issues, messed up cause they share the same bathroom. Just today I was informed a worker is positive and is now stuck in his room what’s crazy is we got tested Tues11-10-20 it’s Friday so he’s been working over here all that time passing out trays, ice scoops, sweeping, mopping s.m.h. Hope we ain’t gotta get tested again, but better safe than sorry. It’s so many different c.o’s that pull overtime shifts over here that I notice they walk up and down the covid airborne hallways take count then come in the next day and work on another unit doing patdowns and room searches. I’m seeing this crap first hand as we speak. I know for a fact most of em ain’t testing weekly just getting there temp took. I just witnessed a medical emergency last week on the other side, both 1st shift officers rushed the room to assist w/o p.p.e. Hell they ain’t even call for backup just went in the contaminated room. Later this day I noticed 1 of the guys over there came out in the hallway to present an issue regarding some paperwork to the officer he wasn’t comfortable with. The officer was talking back just like any normal person which I’d usually find no wrongdoing of the matter, but what happened to social distance especially with someone you know for a fact is infected, then have the audacity to come on this side and pass out meds ect… Tuesday the National Guards came for a full facility swab. While waiting in the gym a nurse told me they already know of over 50 confirmed cases and we’ll know what’s what by 11-19-20. Word is there has been at least 1 covid related death here, just sad how they try to withhold such valuable info. They try to spin us as much as possible for instance, A white shirt said “There will be no movement in the institution until the test results come back”. 2 days later they attempted to move a guy strait from Dodge in the room I’m quarantining in. I wasn’t goin dude might have that covid Idk. $%1t soon as he dropped his box off bro cross the hall asked him about his test, then the c.o gonna say “that’s right we gotta go get you tested.” That hit a nerve so bad, I had to go breath on the c.o. demanding to be moved, @ 1st he had me misunderstood thinking I was complaining about a single cell loss, #NoMF. Too make a long story short Dude said “Give him 2 minutes”. He moved me in another room not even 75seconds later and he even told me he chose me to have the Dodge guy invade on. I talked to the i.c.e lady about it, her reply was “Just take a breath, calm down” She was really good at that part of deescalating the situation, but pretty much knowing her co-worker was wrong still insisting on a spin maneuver stating that “All moves come from the director located in the administration building”. I’m knowing this is false information she’s looking me in my eyes and saying, since he clearly said beforehand he chose my room both times. 90% of the employees here think they can say whatever and that’s what it is and 95% of the time they get away with it & it. I’m so happy my time here is about up. I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy. I’m sure y’all committee will find out the facts on the #’s infected and post them soon. As for us, I hope we have no more casualties here and everyone with release dates make it home at least around there %75 time, cause it’s really real here. & it seems to be something else new every day.

KS 1/5/2021

      There will now be issues of “Inside News,” a magazine produced by the Marshall Project for prisoners, available behind the counter in the FLCI library when it reopens. “It has a lot of good resources for prisoners,” says Ms. Kettner. She currently has 5 of the 6 back issues (She could not find issue 3 online) and she will make new issues available as they are published. For now there is only one copy of each but there is an effort to have more copies available in the near future.