“Fox Lake Correctional needs to be torn down….”

Excerpt from a letter received by someone incarcerated at Fox Lake Correctional, sent to Milwaukee IWOC on 11/3/18:


“Fox Lake Correctional needs to be torn down. They’re running Fox Lake like a max we have to be in our cells to wait for chow, they have to scan IDs for meds through a little we can’t be outside when its dark. There is lots of soy in our food. The correctional officers chew on state property when they’re not supposed to. The officer writes bogus tickets for stupid shit. The PRC here is a joke Kari Buske the head of PRC hates men and she only lets the snitches leave here. All the while white shirts here won’t do a thing if you come to them with an issue they want fight to break out. The social workers here don’t do there jobs. On unit 6 Cathy Schier lies and falsifies documents for inmates.”

Conditions in the Wisconsin prison  system need to change.