Wisconsin Secure Program Facility: “This is not the only serious assault WSPF staff “let” happened, but it’s the worst….” (12/3/18)

On 12/3/18, Milwaukee IWOC received a letter describing the following information on WSPF:

“On 8 Oct. 2018, I, Nate Lindell DOC #303724, was stabbed in my head 3 times by i/m Jesse Keith, while at group indoor rec, which the Administration requires us to attend in order to get out of solitary confinement. Keith’s knife was approx. 15” solid still, “hid” in his waistband – Keith stood 5’6” Tall. C.O. II Shawn Gallinger was training a rookie on how to do pat searches when he failed to notice a sword almost ¼ the height of Keith. (I’m convicted of throwing rotted body waste on Gallinger in 2012). As I explain in a suit – Lindell v. Jess, etal. W.D Wis. Case No. 18-CY-895-wmc – this is not the only serious assault WSPF staff “let” happened, but it’s the worst. (Besides the pat “search”, staff specifically told me I had to go to rec. With who they picked, and they knew Keith was the founder of an Iowa White Supremacist gang, who’d incited/participated in stabbings of I’ms + guards, knew I was an ex White seperatist, which put me in danger from Keith. Then CS-sprayed me in my face as I lay on the ground with Keith over me trying to stab me. Finally, they sent me to GBCI, denied all my meds (psych + medical), denied my legal property for 30+ days (claiming to search it), kept me in a feces/urine sprayed cell for first 2- days with 31 staples in my head + “minor” stab wounds elsewhere – I couldn’t even get a bandaid!!”

Conditions in the Wisconsin prison  system need to change.