Timeline of the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility (WSPF)

This is a timeline of the correspondences sent in by fellow workers in the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility (WSPF).

10/24/17. IWOC received a report that WSPF is not allowing Muslim prisoners to hold a proper service by denying them the right to deliver a khutbah (or a Friday sermon).

3/19/18. IWOC received a report that the psychological services unit (PSU) at WSPF has ignored extreme self-inflicted cutting injuries.

4/2/18. An incarcerated person reported that WSPF Security Director Michael Kartman placed him on a no-contact order without following the proper procedure for obtaining those orders.

5/1/18. An incarcerated person suggested the formation of an “Orange Lives Matter” campaign which focuses on the plight of incarcerated individuals.

9/26/18. An incarcerated person recalled an instance in July in which guards provoked him into a physical confrontation, after which the inmate was placed back on long-term solitary.

10/08/18. Nate Lindell #303724 was stabbed in the head three times by fellow inmate Jesse Keith, the founder of a white supremacist gang in Iowa. Lindell, lying on the ground during the attack, was then sprayed with CS gas by the guards. C.O. Shawn Gallinger had done a pat search of Keith and failed to find the roughly 15-inch knife he had concealed in his waistband. The staff knew that Lindell was a former white separatist, putting him at particular risk around Keith. Lindell was transferred to Green Bay Correctional Institution the next day.

UNDATED. A study was published in 2016 which found that Wisconsin leads the nation in racial disparity, imprisoning twice the proportion of black men than the national average. Though state legislators acknowledged the disparity two decades ago, and a couple of government reports have been issued, the situation has only deteriorated over time.