Wisconsin Secure Program Facility: “I’ve broke down the dynamics of this prison system” [9-26-18]

Excerpt from 9-26-18, letter from inside Wisconsin Secure Program Facility. (anonymous)

“I’ve been down for going on twenty and approx. seventy five percent of that has been in seg. in some form or another. So I’ve really broke down the dynamics of this prison system, looking at how and why they have it at such a totalitarian level. Now I can give my analysis of the play by play, but don’t know if it would really much matter, and plus on most occasions the law will allow for them to suppress my freedom of speech anyway.

But I can say this: It’s rather amazing; mystical even, that you can take twenty thousand people from some of the most harden streets in the U.S. from primarily the Milwaukee Chicago area and virtually totally subdue them. I mean, it’s no mystery to me how they did it, because I see. But for the vast majority I can imagine how frustrating it feels because I lived in that very dark before.

And they know I know too, and that’s one of the main reasons they do whatever it takes to keep me in seg. For example: back in July when they were forced to let me to the g.p. Here where they created and antagonized a physical confrontation with me; of course they got what they wanted; I get charged with assault on staff and placed back on long term solitary. Yeah, those bastards are playing the game pretty well at this time. “But their own arrogance shall be their undoing.”

Conditions in the Wisconsin prison system need to change.