The WI DOC’s position is a play on words…..(Green Bay Correctional)

Public Submission. Derek Hanek #497546. Green Bay Correctional

“Act 355 was created to address restitution only. It does not affect DNA or victim/witness surcharges or court costs–at least it’s not supposed to. VW & DNA surcharges & court costs are governed by WI 973.05(4)(6) which specifies that garnishments for such obligations are not to exceed 25%. This statue was not changed by Act 355 and DAI policy 309.45.02 regarding collection of surcharges & court costs is a violation of law. The WI DOC’s position is a play on words…they intentionally misquote the act 355 language to justify their theft. I filled complaints, followed up by a writ of certiorari, which was denied, simply because the judge refused to make a decision. I do not owe restitution, I simple owe DNA surcharges & court costs, several thousand dollars’ worth. I am knowledgeable in the applicable law as it relates to this particular issue & have done everything right, yet I still suffer 100% garnishment & am forced to “hustle” for basic needs/supplies. Does anyone have advice or information that can help? All is welcome & very much appreciated.

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