Green Bay: “My Story About Wisconsin’s Overuse of Solitary Confinement” (12/25/19)

Received 12/25/19 from Nate Lindell, DOC# 303724, at Green Bay Correctional. Nate wants his identify public. 

“Essay is labelled My Story About Wisconsin’s Overuse of Solitary Confinement. Essay was ghostwritten by Nate Lindell, as Tyler Stanley is illiterate.

The big news feom me is I’ve been spending my patience trying to help seriously mentally ill (smi) inmates exhaust the ICRS so I can file lawsuits for them. No reward in it but. . . someone’s gotta do it.”

Nate also talked about potentially winning a suit sanctioning an AAG and getting punitive damages:

“I have no trustworthy person to receive the $. Anything less than $11,000 I won’t get to spend if it goes on my account [debt]. If I have what i win sent to you, will you (after sending Peg $200 + paying my iww [membership] for life) spend it as I ask? (I’ll pay you $200 for doing so)”

There is also specific legal stuff that went over my head. He suggested looking at the legal precedents he will be using for his case, and asked us to listen in on his Jan 23 status conference.

From “Tyler Stanley:” Tyler was put into solitary after detailing some intrusive thoughts related to his schizophrenia to his psychologist and describes how the institution has deprived him of medical care.

“Prior to my imprisonment + to this day I’m diagnosed with schizophrenia.  Prior to + after prison I’ve been prescribed a variety of anti-psychotic medications, none of which worked great. But about 18 months ago, the nurse who practices psychiatry here – Leslie A. Mathewson – took me off all my psych meds + did not replace them with anything to treat my schizophrenia.

So basically I was denied effective/any treatment for my schizophrenia, then punished for the symptoms that came when I sought help.”

“. . . Four cells away is Markus Allen Simmons #514248, who has a long history if schizophrenia. He says Leslie Mathewson took him off of Risperdol + Benzotropin in Sept. 2018 and provided no other meds + claims “M” [Markus’ name for himself?] is not schizophrenic. M has been in solitary since, where he’s mocked for asking weird questions like “What are stars?” + “Can they hurt me?” “