Green Bay: “He lay in there, dead, several hours, until staff maced him to ensure he was dead, then drug his body out….” [12/3/18]

Full Letter: Severe Psychological Torture at Green Bay Correctional Institution (G.B.C.I)
By/from Nate A. Lindell #303724

When I began regaining consciousness after my 9 Oct. 2018 arrival here at GBCI (I arrived from WSB straight from the hospital, after being stabbed in my head three times,) I noticed I was in a “strap-down” cell, splattered + smeared with what smelled + looked like dried feces, urine, etc. I also noticed the guy next door (Troy Hammen DOC #489983) frequently shouted at staff, kicked his sheet-steel door + generally treated staff like shit.

As days passed, I discovered why – Politely calling for staff only got me ignored, for serious medical issues like me falling + hitting my head. There was no outdoor view from my cell, my property wasn’t given to me for over 10 dyas, my anti-depressants + all meds were denied, a psychologist hadn’t seen me, none of my people knew I was here, + staff walked past when I called, as if I was in another dimension where I could see/hear them but they couldn’t see/hear me.

On 17 Oct, 2018, a prisoner living in a cell such as mine hung himself.. Or staff hung him. He looked to be young 30’s, white, gave me a chin nod as he walked past my cell on his way to death. Brown Co. Sheriff’s Dept. investigators came in the next day, sat in the swivel chairs where guards normally busily sat + ignored the many prisoners who yelled throughout the day “I have a razor!”, “I’m suicidal”, etc.

Twenty days later, still no property, etc. the loss of my psych. Meds kicked in. I cut my left wrist, tried to hang myself + was put in another, smaller filthier cell, with only a kevlar kilt to keep me warm. I’m still denied my anti- depressants. The psychiatrist refused to see me because I asked if the C.O. there could keep his body cam on.

Many other here, I found have sever Psych. Illnesses, created or made worse by conditions such as

White – Ronald Walker #466473, who’s body is covered in self mutilation scars, repeatedly told staff he was gonna cut himself + did until on 6 Nov ‘18 he went to Rocine’s County Jail, where he’s also well-known for self mutilation.

Black – Marquis Greer #632601, is a young Black man who’d threaten suicide, then truthfully point out, “They don’t care ‘bout my Black ass”. He’s always yelling, pounding on his door.

Travanti Schmidt #287115, my other neighbor, has been in Obs. status (suicide watch) since 25 Oct., is diagnosed bi-polar II, breaks lights + cuts himself, attempted suicide by hanging, overdoses + cutting. He’s attempted suicide on the way to court.

Black/Puerto Rican – Down the hall, David Czapiewski #321854, came to seg here from C.C.I, where staff didn’t give him his antipsychotic shot, resulting in David assaulting a C.O. as voiced directed. He’s diagnosed schizoaffective disorder.

Black – Paul Hunt #493724, across the hall hidden by a brick wall that splits the hall, was issued a Conduct Report + punished for trying to hang himself. He hears voices but is denied psych meds, been in + out of seg since 2017 February.

Black – Randy Alexander #50527 came here from W.R.C, a psych facility, diagnosed borderline personality disorder, schizoid – personality, had multiple suicide attempts + is denied the same antidepressants that I was prescribed prior to coming here.

These are only the prisoners sane enough to communicate with me (all said I could report their personal info). Several others – who kick their doors, yell gibberish – don’t communicate with anyone. All are from Milwaukee, except Mr. Walker.

Along with the unnamed white man who hung himself on 12 or 13 October, Martel Cason, a young Black man from Iowa, hung himself in cell 509 of this seg unit. He lay in there, dead, several hours, until staff maced him to ensure he was dead, then rug his body out.

Conditions in the Wisconsin prison  system need to change.