Green Bay Correctional: “Murder by accessory…”

Excerpt from a letter sent to Milwaukee IWOC 11/15/18 by someone incarcerated at Green Bay Correctional:

“GBCI has a category of its own where it concerns abuses of powers, mistreatments, lack of accountability for staff misconduct, racism and murder of its resident! Yes, I said “murder”. When you know a person is suicidal and he tells you he has thoughts of suicide but you ignore his warnings then you deliberately fail to make your regular scheduled check-up rounds allowing this person all the time he needs to facilitate his threat of self harm only to find that he has “hanged himself” successfully, that is murder by accessory. The second suicide/murder in 2018 in GBCi in seg. Who says Wisconsin doesn’t have the death penalty?”


Conditions in the Wisconsin prison  system need to change.