A Pot of Water Left Unattended

From Fellow Worker at Green Bay , Fall 2017

The condition in the Green Bay Correctional Institution is rife with
corruption from top (Eckstein) to the bottom (staff). Inmates’
rights are being constantly violated and they know no way of
navigating through the court system. They file ICE’s and that is
the farthest they will go. Here at GBCI, the administration creates
an environment of hostility with inmates and staff. Racial tensions
are always at play everywhere you turn. I’ve been incarcerated
for over 20 years and compared to other prisons, GBCI is the
worst. Guards are rushed into service without having the
necessary skills to deal with prisoners of different backgrounds
and ethnicities. The analogy of GBCI is a pot of water left
unattended with the temperature set at medium. You have guys
who can only attend recreation once a week because of Warden
Eckstein’s new movement policy. It includes having only one
library pass a week, unless you have a court deadline. We’ve
been subjected to the least movement possible in his (Eckstein’s)
attempt to curb fights, that have seemed to increase in his
tenure. The numbers do not lie when it comes to who is to blame
(Eckstein) for the tension here at GBCI.