Columbia: “Guards are leaving inmates for dead…” [7/16/18]

Excerpt from letter sent by a prisoner at Columbia Correctional on 7/16/18:

“A prisoner threw feces on a guard and some of the feces landed on the
meal cart while food was on the cart. We of course informed the guards
that feces was on the food cart, it was supposed to be sanitized, but
wasn’t. We complained, they covered up the incident.”

“Psychologist Wesley Scott Forces has been harassing and antagonizing
me, kicked me and stabbed me with a pencil.”

“I am seeing inmates punished for informing guards of suicidal ideas.
I also see guards turning a blind eye to inmates cutting themselves.
Guards are leaving inmates for dead and the unit manager for
segregation is aware and even is instructing guards to ignore acts of
self-harm and suicidal reports.”


Conditions in the Wisconsin prison system need to change.