They Don’t Help Me with Anything

From a fellow worker suffering anonymously:

I want to tell you about the abuse here at the CCI SMU, the
mental health unit. I’ve been here for many years. It used to
be okay, but now the staff here is very abusive and the unit
manager allows staff to do whatever they want. They are
withholding my psychiatric medication; they harass, mentally
abuse and punish me for no reason. The unit manager
doesn’t allow me to get a job. I don’t have any family or
anyone to call here or to call Madison to complain to the
mental health director. I am struggling with my mental health.
I am going through a lot pain and suffering. I feel miserable
because this unit manager here doesn’t care about my mental
health and she allows staff to abuse me and harass me for no
reason. Sometime I consider suicide. I have tried before: I
have cut myself before and I have hurt myself many times
because staff members here in the CCI mental health unit are
very abusive. They only do this because the unit manager
allows it. When I go to her for help she make things worse for
me. And staff members harass me more. The staff here plays
games with my medications. They don’t help me with
anything. The unit manger makes my time here very difficult.
Staff here are so bad that they use the other mentally ill
persons in the unit to write letters about me, telling lies about
me so they can get me in trouble and get me out of SMU. I
need someone to call Madison.