Columbia: “With less community connection less rehabilitation will happen…”

Excerpt from letter sent 6/6/2019 by someone incarcerated at Columbia Correctional Institution:

“Columbia Correctional Institution is starting this new policy practice here now, which is making it hard for rehabilitation here from the day to day schedule ,practice as well as this here phone allowances. With less community connection the less rehabilitation that will happen. The institution didn’t even check with staff to see how this new policy practice here will effect everyone and their lives. They just decided to test us as scientists test laboratory animals. Which is bogus! We are never fed on time,this feeding schedule jumps around so much we don’t know when we will be called out, yesterday I came back to my cell for count as well as to eat dinner like an hour to make this happen and this institution is not on I go back to work unfed and hungry this morning it seem to be following the same day to day practices. But mostly, we are messing the communication with family and our community in which we come from.”